'Golden Girls' Wallpaper Exists And It Is Truly Amazing

by Leah Groth
Golden Girls wallpaper

Spoonflower, a custom printing home design company, sells wallpaper featuring the faces of all your favorite ‘Golden Girls’ characters

The first episode of Golden Girls aired 35 years ago in 1985. Unlike linoleum floors and mullets, both popular during the time when Blanche, Dorthy, Sophia, and Rose first arrived with gusto onto our tube televisions, we are still just as obsessed with the sassy and groundbreaking sitcom as we were back then. And if you, too, are still watching reruns of the show and can’t get enough Golden Girls-inspired products, home decor, and knick knacks in your life, then get ready for some next-level nostalgia. Golden Girls wallpaper is here, and it is even more incredible than you ever imagined.

Spoonflower, an interior designer-endorsed on-demand, digital printing company that prints custom fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap, offers a few different options of wallpaper featuring the faces of your favorite Miami senior citizens. Think of the company as an Etsy of sorts for textiles, giving various designers a place to showcase their creativity.

Our favorite Golden Girls wallpaper is the genius design of Chica and Jo. “Revel in the glory of those lovable Miami beauties with this fun pattern featuring Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia,” reads the product description.



Chica and Jo’s has patterns available in two different colors and with larger and smaller faces. They also sell different types of application: a peel-and-stick that is totally removable and easy to install, as well as a water-activated removable version. There are also various roll sizes depending on how much you need, and you can also order a sample if you aren’t sure how it will look in your home.

If wallpaper isn’t enough, you can also order the design in fabric. Yes, you can upholster an entire sofa or have a pillow made with the design — and no, we won’t judge you.

But here’s where things get even more amazing. They also reproduced several of the upholsteries and wallpapers found in the famous “Miami” home (it was actually in Los Angeles ICYDK), like the banana leaf print, sassy stripes, and floral motif that covered their sofa.


Obviously, any of these selections will go well with your collection of Golden Girls tiki mugs, the hand-drawn print of the Golden Girls home hanging on your wall, and of course, that Sophia Chia Pet sitting in your living room.

However, if you are the die-hardest of GG fans, you should consider making an offer on the house where the show took place — well, the exterior featured in the show, to be specific. It’s currently on the market for a cool $2.9 million in Los Angeles.