'Grey's Anatomy' Gift Ideas That Scream "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me"

25 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Gifts That Scream ‘Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me’

September 28, 2020 Updated November 23, 2020


If you’re on the hunt for Grey’s Anatomy gifts, whether it’s for yourself or a longtime fan, you’ve come to the right place. It’s hard to believe, but Grey’s Anatomy is going into its 17th season. Over the years, we’ve seen the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital experience love, laughs, heartbreak, surprises, and plenty of medical drama. The show gifted us with both a McDreamy and a McSteamy, enviable friendships, and memorable quotes we’re still reciting today. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or “your person,” these 15 Grey’s Anatomy gifts will make even the biggest fan want to dance it out.

Derek Shepherd / Patrick Dempsey Mermaid Pillow

An first glance, this looks like a fun sequin throw pillow. But flip the sequins in the other direction and it will reveal a photo of Patrick Dempsey, making it a truly McDreamy pillow to cuddle with. The 16” pillow comes in a number of different sequin colors on one side and a faux suede fabric on the other.


Grey’s Anatomy Candle McDreamy Candle

If McDreamy was a scent, it would be this candle. And it would smell like “a fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat, on a beautiful day to save lives.” The actual fragrance is salt and sea, but same difference. This candle has an approximate burn time of 50 hours, enough to last for your next Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

$26.00 AT AMAZON

Grey’s Anatomy Gift Pencil Set

Jot down reminders, to-do lists, or sweet love notes to your person with these fun pencils. The set comes with seven pencils each with a Grey’s Anatomy quote like “Dance it out,” “You’re my person,” “It’s a beautiful day to save lives, “ and “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.”

$15.00 AT AMAZON

Funny Socks - Please Do Not Disturb Grey's Anatomy is on

Cozy socks are a great accessory for curling up on the couch while watching Grey’s Anatomy. And this pair also doubles as a not-so-subtle message for anyone around that you are not to be disturbed when catching up on all the drama at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. They come in five different colors.


NuffSaid Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Sweatshirt

Sport a sweatshirt with the logo of your favorite (fictitious) hospital, Grey Sloan Memorial. The unisex sweatshirt is a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend and comes in different colors. One fan and reviewer said, “I bought this as a gift, and my friend LOVES this sweater!! We are HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fans, and this sweatshirt is so comfortable, great quality, and true to the Grey’s logo. HIGHLY recommend!”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

CafePress Grey's Anatomy Sticky Note Mug

Sometimes the smallest gestures are also the most romantic ones. Reminisce about Meredith and Derek’s simple and sweet vows to each other with a coffee mug that makes their signed Post-it note a little more permanent. The mug is great for catching all your happy tears or sipping coffee — your choice.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Top Plaza 2pcs/Set Antique Silver Alloy"You Are My Person" Key Chain

Whoever your person is — whether it’s a partner, sibling, or BFF — let them know how important they are with a two-piece keychain set. Keep one for yourself and give the other as a gift; they’ll remind you that the two of you fit neatly together like puzzle pieces.


Surreal Entertainment Greys Anatomy Party Drinking Game

The next time you’re rewatching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, add a little spice to the viewing with a party drinking game complete with shots (mocktails or non-alcoholic shots work too). This set of four glasses features Meredith, Webber, Alex, and Bailey and has instructions like “Drink whenever Webber shares words of wisdom.”

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Grey’s Anatomy, Printable, You're My Person

This downloadable digital print makes a great gift to tell your person why they’re your person. As in, they’re “the one you call if you murder someone and need help dragging the corpse across the room.” Hypothetically, of course. The digital print includes five different sizes to allow you to print a variety of sizes.


Meredith & Crristina Card

Celebrate your BFF’s birthday with a Grey’s Anatomy card. Whether they’re the Cristina to your Meredith, or the Meredith to your Cristina, this card will encourage them that when in doubt, always dance it out. Following up with an actual dance is encouraged. The card measures 5″x7″ and comes with an envelope.


Grey’s Anatomy Inspired Wine Glass Set

What’s better than drinking a good bottle of wine? Sharing that bottle with your person. This pair of wine glasses will be your go-to vessels for sipping and spending time with a loved one. The glasses are tinted pink with a gold rim and gold text. One says “You’re my person” and the other says “You will always be my person.”


Grey's Anatomy Laptop Stickers

Decorate your laptop, phone, journals, water bottles, or all of the above with some vinyl waterproof Grey’s Anatomy stickers. This set includes 50 different stickers (that’s right, no repeats!) in different sizes and shapes that include all your favorite characters (both (McDreamy and McSteamy), memorable quotes, medical-themed objects, and more.


Grey’s Anatomy It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives Mug

Derek’s famous quote before surgeries, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives,” is printed along with an EKG pattern on one side of this mug. The other side has the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital logo. It holds 16 ounces of liquid and will be your go-to mug for all of your upcoming beautiful days.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Grey's Anatomy Set of 3 Prints

Grey’s Anatomy is full of great quotes, and this set of three downloadable digital prints will give your walls a dose of inspiration. Each print includes two different sizes and features quotes from Meredith and Cristina: “No matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again,” “Oh, screw beautiful. I’m brilliant,” and “Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature.”


Dark and Twisty T-Shirt

Meredith called herself dark and twisty, but Derek insisted it wasn’t a flaw, it was her strength. Show off your own dark and twisty side with a soft cotton T-shirt. The unisex shirt comes in sizes XS-3X and a number of different colors to match whatever mood you’re in.

$23.00 AT AMAZON

You’re My Person Card

Show your person that you’re thinking about them with a card that says how much they mean to you. The card is made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper, and it measures 4.25” x 5.5”. It’s a perfect little gift for a birthday, holiday, or just a regular Tuesday.


Be Unstoppable T-Shirt

On days when you feel unstoppable, let the world know it. This cotton T-shirt comes in sizes XS-2X, in a variety of colors. You can also personalize the color of the “Be unstoppable” vinyl transfer on the front. Cristina Yang would be proud.


Grey Yang Karev Stevens O'Malley Sweatshirt

If you’ve been a Grey’s Anatomy fan from the very beginning, you’ll love this sweatshirt that is a throwback to the original interns at Seattle Grace Hospital: Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev, Izzie Stevens, and George O’Malley. The sweatshirt is a cotton/poly fleece blend and uses an eco-friendly water-based ink.


Grey's Anatomy Minimalist Bookmark

These colorful, minimalist bookmarks are great for saving your place in whatever books you currently can’t put down. They have a crumpled paper effect and each one features a different character — including Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Callie, Lexie, and more — and a memorable quote.


Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital Black Face Mask

Face masks are must-have accessories these days, so add a Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital themed one (or a few) to your collection. You can choose between five different mask colors and text colors. The non-medical masks are reusable, washable, 100 percent cotton, and made with three-ply fabric.


Mcsteamy Instant Pot Decal

Keep your dinners hot and (Mc)steamy with this fun Instant Pot decal. it measures 6”x4,” is created with black vinyl, and looking at McSteamy’s face may actually make cooking meals a tad more enjoyable. It’s the Instant Pot flair you didn’t know you needed in your life.


McSteamy & McDreamy iPhone Case

Why pick between McDreamy and McSteamy when you can have both with you all the time, protecting your… phone? This clear phone case has a minimalist illustration of your two favorite fictitious doctors, is made from BPA-free materials, is wireless charging compatible, and can fit iPhones ranging from 7 to 11 Pro Max.


Cristina Yang Quote Digital Download Print

Cristina Yang was brilliant and confident, and we could all use a daily reminder to have some fire and that we don’t always have to “give a damn about what anyone thinks.” This digital download print includes three different file formats in three different sizes.


CafePress Wine Grey's & Pizza Natural Canvas Tote

You can never have too many reusable totes around the house, and this one celebrates three things you love and pair well together: wine, Grey’s, and pizza. The canvas tote comes in two different sizes and has reinforced fabric handles. It will be a great companion for errands, grocery shopping, or picking up that aforementioned wine and pizza.

$10.99 AT AMAZON

Dance It Out Mug

This mug has a simple design and message: Dance it out. As the Grey’s doctors showed, dancing is a great option, regardless if you have a good or bad day, want to celebrate or commiserate, need to blow off some steam, or just feel like moving your body. You can choose between 11 and 15 ounce white mugs.


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