Halloween Trees Are The New Decorating Trend And They're Selling Out FAST

by Christina Marfice
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Halloween trees are here to ring in the best part of the year

Remember those ceramic Christmas trees that every mom and grandma had on an end table or a mantle during everyone’s childhood? They were literally the beacon of our childhood nostalgia last year when they resurfaced at Walmart and became the holiday season’s must-have decor item. Well, they’re back again, only this time, they’ve gotten a little bit of a costume change so they can help us celebrate another holiday in perfectly nostalgic style. Internet, meet your new holiday decorating obsession: Halloween trees.

Michael’s is currently getting a lot of online attention for selling one that’s a pretty close replica of the ceramic Christmas trees we all knew and loved as kids, except it’s painted black, topped with an orange jack-o-lantern instead of a star, and it’s light-up bulbs are orange and purple, naturally. The 14-inch tree is selling for around $60.

And look at it lit up! BRB, literally sprinting to Michael’s (because they’re already sold out on their website), hopefully in time to get one of these for every windowsill in my apartment.

Combined with some other spooky decorations, these trees are the perfect way to make the transition from Halloween season to the Yuletide. With Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat, obviously.

The trees are the perfect combination of Christmas cheer and spooky spirit, and that’s probably why you’ll really have to act fast to get one. The version Michael’s is selling has already sold out online, and rumor has it stock is getting limited in stores, too. If you’re not lucky enough to get your hands on one, though, don’t despair. You’ve got options.

Amazon is selling a similar version, except it’s topped with a spider to make it extra creepy (though maybe not for the arachnophobe Halloween fans).

If the spider is a little too spooky for you, this Etsy version looks like it repurposed the exact ceramic base of the Christmas tree, except it’s black with orange bulbs and topped with an adorable Halloween bow covered in black cats and skeletons.

Or, you know, you could just get a real tree and turn it into your own giant Halloween tree. There’s no shame in being extra during the holidays.

Happy Halowistmas! Christmoween? We’ll keep working on that.

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