The Most Magical Harry Potter-Themed Nursery Decorations For Your Tiny Witch Or Wizard

by Laura Hennigan
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harry potter nursery decor

Attention pregnant muggles: there is an amazing selection of Harry Potter-themed nursery decorations available, so get ready to drop some major galleons on this cuteness. Decorating the baby’s room is one of the most fun (and sure, stressful) things expecting parents get to do, and choosing a theme is very important (if you want to choose a theme, it’s totally your life). You want it to be cozy, but not stuffy, pretty while also practical, and incorporate both traditional elements and unique features. (See also: nursery wall art, nursery dressers, blackout curtains, and kids’ rugs.)

If you are a lover of all things Hogwarts, you might be thinking of creating a magical space for your little one to sleep, eat and play. No need to wait on an official letter, you can peruse different options that run the gamut, from fun and fancy to a little bit dark (inspired by dark magic, of course). Depending on your house preference, you may opt for red and gold, or gravitate towards green.

We’ve rounded up the best Harry Potter nursery options and, thanks to the interwebs, you can skip the trip to Diagon Alley and shop for these accessories from the comfort of your four-poster.

Best Harry Potter-Themed Decorations


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