Looking For Hiking Sandals? Get Ones That Are Lightweight And Durable

by Jessica Booth
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A pair of reliable hiking sandals is a must-have for travelers and hikers alike during the spring and summer months. While hiking boots are always a staple, hiking sandals can be a lot more desirable in warmer weather. They allow for a lot more ventilation and breathability so that your feet don’t get too overheated even when temps are high, the best pairs are just as sturdy and durable as boots, and they’ll dry faster and feel more comfortable if you end up stepping in a stream. They also offer just as much traction as boots and still make hiking safe.

What to look for when shopping for hiking sandals

The best hiking sandals should, ideally, have great arch support, feel super comfortable, be waterproof, and feel strong enough to withstand the elements. According to Thomas Lacroix, founder of The Wise Adventurer and expert in hiking and all things outdoors, another important thing to look for is a hiking sandal that has low friction with the feet and high grip to the ground.

“You will need a sandal with a footbed that wraps your feet very well. This is essential to keep the friction as low as possible with your skin, to stay comfortable, and avoid blisters,” Lacroix told Scary Mommy. “This should be associated with a sole that has a strong grip, so you don’t slip on wet or unstable surfaces. When looking for hiking sandals, make sure that the sole is relatively soft when you touch it and that it has some small crampons.”

There are lots of options out there, from sandals that are heavy duty and better for more serious hikers, to sandals that will work on the trails but also look cute on their own. We’ve searched through a lot of options to find the highest rated and best hiking sandals out there that you’ll need for a summer full of adventure.

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