Time To Freak Out: This Giant Inflatable Castle Has A Pool In It

by Olivia Harvey

If your kid is the one who absolutely refuses to change out of their princess dress and/or goes around reciting lines and songs from their favorite Disney/Barbie princess film, then this inflatable kiddie pool is right up their alley. Teamson Kids is selling two versions of a princess castle blowup pool—one in pink and another in blue—and the standard inflatable pool just transformed Cinderella’s fairy godmother-style into the blowup backyard experience of their wildest fantasies.

Standing at 82″ high and 85″ inches wide, your kid and their best friends will have an awesome time hanging out in their own personal castle this summer. Both models come with built-in sprinkler walls for a waterpark-like experience as well as two beach balls to heighten playtime (you say beach balls and kids’ say dragon eggs, magic fortune-telling orbs, prized possessions locked n the most secure tower in the castle, etc.).

“I like that this pool can be used in different ways,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “You don’t have to use the sprinkler if you don’t want to. Great size color and shape for our 3 year old. Would recommend.”

Though the pink version of the castle inflatable pool is selling out fast — so click now! And the blue version is still available for purchase for $139.