Jill Biden Has A Custom Valentino Bag With Champ And Major On It

by Kristine Cannon
jill biden dog bag
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images, CARLOS BARRIA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

The one-of-a-kind accessory is too cute

Look, we love the First Dogs, Champ and Major. But none love them more — and rightfully so — than their mom, Dr. Jill Biden. The proof? She was recently spotted carrying around a custom Valentino bag featuring her dogs, Champ and Major.

According to CNN White House Correspondent Kate Bennett, Dr. Biden’s custom Valentino Rockstud handbag boasts a handprinted portrait of the Biden dogs. Her initial, “J,” was also spotted on the one-of-a-kind bag. The First Lady was initially spotted with the bag upon arriving back to the White House earlier this month after she and husband Joe Biden spent the weekend in Wilmington, Delaware. She was later seen with the handbag while boarding a plan in Colorado Springs just a few days later.

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The tote was illustrated by Riccardo Cusimano, as part of Valentino’s Pet-à-Porter collection — meaning, you can order your own personalized tote, but it’ll cost you $2,200.

“Crafted with lots of affection, the new Valentino Garavani tote goes oh-so adorable and extra personal, with a unique handmade print of your pet by the incredible illustrator Riccardo Cusimano,” the product description states on Valentino’s website.

Modern Picnic

Modern Picnic sells a similar product, the Pet Portrait Tote, for a fraction of the price ($300).

“Our mom @FLOTUS loves us so much that she likes having us around even when we’re not physically there,” The Oval Pawffice adorably tweeted on Thursday. “Like today, in Charleston West Virginia, where she wore a custom Valentino purse featuring hand painted pawrtraits of our furry, goofy selves.”

Major, a German Shepherd rescue, recently returned to the White House after receiving extra training following two biting incidents.

“He’s back. He is such a sweet, lovable dog, he really is,” Jill said. “All he does is lick them and wag his tail.”

As part of the training, Major also spent time with cats to prep for the Bidens bringing a cat into the White House.

“That was part of his training, they took him into a shelter with cats,” she said. “He did fine.”

Major and Champ aren’t the only presidential pups to share the White House with a cat. Former President George W. Bush had two dogs, Barney and Miss Beazley, and a cat, India. Plus, former President Bill Clinton had a dog named Buddy and a cat named Socks.

Dial Books

Earlier this year, Champ and Major were featured in a kids’ book appropriately titled Champ and Major: First Dogs. The concept is cute, too: Champ, who joined the Biden family in 2008, shows 3-year-old Major around the White House.

Champ and Major is written by Joy McCullough and illustrated by Sheyda Abvabi.

“Champ and Major’s dad, Joe Biden, just got a really important job: He’s going to be the new president of the United States!” the book descriptions states. “Champ is excited to go back to the White House — he got to visit it when his dad was the vice president, before the family adopted Major, and he knows about all the important work that happens there. Major is going to be one of the first rescue dogs to live in the White House, and Champ can’t wait to show his little brother around. Soon, Champ and Major will be in their new home, and they’re going to bring a lot of fun with them!”

The book is currently available on Amazon for about $12.