The Best Kids' Bath Mats & Rugs For A Safer, More Colorful Bathroom

by Kate Antoniades
colorful kids' bath mats
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Whether your little ones are having fun with their bath toys or bubble bath, the best kids’ bath mats will keep them from sliding around uncontrollably inside the tub. Or, if your little one is too young to take a bath without a separate baby bath tub or bath seat, a grippy bath mat underneath can help keep it safely in place. That said, sometimes “bath mat” refers to the rug outside the tub — the kind used to prevent spills and sop up water when your kiddo is stepping out. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up products for both inside and outside the tub to keep your bathroom safe and stylish.

What is the difference between a bath mat and bath rug?

As alluded to above, this bit gets confusing. Sometimes a “bath mat” refers to a rubber or PVC pad that you put inside the tub to prevent slipping (aka tub mats). But sometimes it’s referring to an absorbent mat that you step onto when you’re leaving the tub or shower. On the other hand, “bath rugs” are usually thick floor coverings for the bathroom, sometimes absorbent (but not always), that are either meant to provide stable footing or simply to function as bathroom decor. When you’re shopping online, these terms are often used interchangeably (although, obviously, “bath rugs” would never go in the tub).

A quick note about safety: The descriptions of almost every one of the tub mats below caution that they work best on smooth surfaces; if you have a tub with texture on the bottom, the mats may not be secure and could lead to slips and falls.

With all that in mind, check out all our picks for kids’ bath mats below.

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