13 Best Ice Skates For Kids And Toddlers Of All Skill Levels 2020

The Best Ice Skates For Kids Of All Skill Levels

November 10, 2020 Updated February 12, 2021

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One winter staple you’ll need aside from snow boots, snow hats, and snowsuits? Ice skates for your kids. ‘Tis the season for ice skating, after all. During the winter season, there are three solid (that’s an ice joke) options for ice skating: seasonal outdoor skating rinks, year round indoor skating rinks, and frozen ponds that have been safely and fully vetted. Wherever you take your kids to ice skate, one thing’s for sure—they’re going to need a great pair of ice skates that’ll keep them warm and won’t hurt their feet. (Flashback to your own childhood when you could only skate for 10 minutes before developing six blisters and at least one twisted ankle.)

To make your life a little easier, we’ve rounded up the best ice skates for toddlers and the best youth ice skates for girls and boys. Of course, your child can wear whatever color or style they prefer. There are options for beginners, kids with some experience, and kids who can already Kristi Yamaguchi a triple axel. OK, maybe just a double. No matter how many axels your child can or can’t do, these are our top picks for ice skates for kids.

Best ice skates for beginners

Xino Sports Adjustable Ice Skates

First up is this adorable pair of ice skates that are adjustable so they can grow with your child. They come in pink and blue, and they’re available in size small for toddlers who wear sizes 10-13.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Bauer Lil Angel Champ Skates

A great beginner option for toddlers, this pair comes in blue and pink and has a firm boot to help your child stay upright.  A sliding adjuster makes it easy to fasten the skates, which is great, because when your kid is wearing five pounds of ice skating gear, the easier the better. They’re available in toddler sizes 6-13.


Jackson Ultima Finesse Figure Skates

These figure skates are ideal for any toddler who might want to eventually take lessons. They’re supportive, cozy, and made by a well-known ice skate company. You can buy them in toddler sizes 8-10, and they’re also available for kids up to size 3.

$74.95 AT AMAZON

Skateez Skate Enablers

These Skateez Skate Enablers will help your kiddo’s confidence when first stepping on the ice. It helps with their balance and will allow them to veer away from the wall.

$24.95 AT AMAZON

Best ice skates for girls

Lake Placid Nitro Adjustable Ice Skates

It always feels good finding a great product for a great price. According to reviews, you can’t find better intro skates with adjustable straps than this pair. They’re available in small for shoe sizes 11-1, medium for sizes 1-4, and large for sizes 4-7.

$33.90 AT AMAZON

Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe Adjustable Skate

Durable skates designed for any kid who wants to spend more time actually skating than lacing up their skates. This pair has a speed lacing closure system with a single-pull design. Sounds fancy, right? The adjustable straps and the cushion foam lining will make sure your kiddo is extra comfortable on the ice.


American Athletic Tricot Ice Skates

Take a look at these professional-style figure skates with padding, a form fitting padded tongue, multi-layer ankle support, and a nickel-plated steel blade. This pair is available in sizes 1-13. Nancy Kerrigan for sure had these skates. Probably.


Riedell 615 Soar Ice Skates

Soft lining and a velcro strap make these skates a good option for any kid who spends several hours at the rink. They’re available in junior sizes 1 and 3 and youth sizes 11, 12, and 13.


American Athletic Soft Boot Figure Skates

A sturdy pair of skates like these equals less falling. Maybe. According to reviews, this pair runs true to shoe size. Available in sizes 11-4.


Best ice skates for boys

Lake Placid Monarch Adjustable Ice Skates

Quick lace up ice skates mean more time for skating. The company suggests sharpening the blade for better results on the ice, which sounds dangerous, but it’s a thing. The size options are small for shoe sizes 11-2, medium for 2-6, and large for 6-9.

$58.94 AT AMAZON

K2 Raider Ice Skates

Another pair of skates that offers room to grow with five adjustable sizes. The sizes include 1-5, 4-8, 8-12, and 11-2. They don’t require lacing, making it easier for your kid to lace these bad boys up himself.

$70.36 AT AMAZON

Jackson Ultima Softec Classic Ice Skates

Out of all the skates, this pair seems to be the warmest, according to reviews on Amazon. And warm is definitely an important factor when you’re casually gliding across ice for hours on end. You can buy them in youth sizes 11-3, and toddler sizes 8-10.

$71.95 AT AMAZON

Junior Bauer NS Skate

Designed for recreational hockey players, this pair of skates offers excellent stability, comfort, and durability. They’re available in sizes 1-5, and the company suggests ordering one size down from the usual shoe size.

$59.99 AT L.L.Bean

Jackson Ultima Classique Series Ice Skates

Since these figure skates are on the pricier side, they’re best for the kid who is taking ice skating somewhat seriously as a sport. They’re available in half sizes 1-5.

$99.95 AT AMAZON

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