26 Best Kids Luggage Pieces For Your Next Family Vacation (Whenever That May Be)

by Jessica Booth
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Best Kids Luggage

The best kids luggage can make traveling with the crew just a little bit easier, and it’s a welcome relief when hitting the road (or skies) is already stressful enough. One way to make memorable vacations more relaxing for the whole family is to stay as organized as possible — and that starts with great children’s luggage. You want to choose something that has enough space for all their kid essentials (clothes, accessories, and their favorite toys, of course), but isn’t so big that they can’t carry it or push it around themselves. After all, if you’re the one in charge of your kids’ suitcases, then it’s only going to make your life harder!

That’s why the best kids carry-on luggage is something their size. Not only is it helpful for you, it’s also a great learning experience for them. Having their own luggage gives your child a sense of responsibility that they’ll actually enjoy. Kids rolling luggage is a really great option because it’s so easy for them to push, but if you’re working with a toddler who’s not quite ready for that, ride-on suitcases and scooter suitcases are excellent choices that make toting luggage and tots extra fun. From toddler suitcases to duffel bags and cool backpacks, we’ve gathered the best options for any trip you’re planning for. Oh, and make sure to get a fun design–that will just make them want to use their suitcase even more!

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