8 Kids' Menorahs Your Littles Will Have Fun Lighting For Hanukkah

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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—Getting children excited about more than just presents at holiday time is no easy feat, but involving your littles in lighting the Hanukkah candles is a lot easier when they have their very own menorah. Things may look different this year, but holiday traditions are not canceled — and it’s never too early to start teaching those traditions. You just need to get a little creative with it: That’s why we’ve searched out the most fun kids’ menorahs that are all but guaranteed to keep your kids engaged in the celebration.

From fire trucks to emojis to crafty paint-your-own options, there are menorahs available that will thrill kids of all ages and interests. Older kiddos can help light the candles atop a spaceship or dinosaur, while babies and toddlers can pretend play along with toy versions in foam or wood, complete with removable “candles.”

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Whether you’re shopping for your own little ones, looking for the perfect gift for your niece’s first Hanukkah, or hunting for a classroom-friendly menorah for teaching purposes (bless you), there’s a pick ahead that’s sure to delight this Festival of Lights. Scroll on to shop the cutest kid-friendly menorahs and get a head start on the holiday season. (A miracle, indeed.)

Best Kids’ Menorahs

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Now that you’ve found the perfect menorah, shop more kid gear to delight the littles all year long!


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