Hanukkah Jokes And Riddles For Kids — Silly Hanukkah Jokes

20+ Hilarious Hanukkah Jokes To Last You Eight Days And Nights

September 30, 2019 Updated April 8, 2021

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Hanukkah is the festival of lights and a joyful celebration that involves getting gifts and making tiny fires every night. What could be cooler for young kids who are burgeoning pyromaniacs? After lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel, and chowing down on fresh sufganiyot donuts, share some of these clean, kid-friendly Hanukkah jokes with your family.

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1. Which hand is best to light the menorah with?

Neither, it’s best to light it with a candle.

2. How can you recognize a Hanukkah hippie?

He’s the one with his hair in dreidel-locks.

3. How much Hanukkah gelt did the skunk get?

One cent.

4. What’s the best Hanukkah gift for the person who has everything?

A burglar alarm.

Hanukkah Jokes, woman bursts out laughing

5. What do you call a speck that falls into the latke pan?

An unidentified frying object.

6. Why don’t we eat clowns at Hanukkah?

Because they taste funny.

7. What’s the difference between Hanukkah and a dragon?

One lasts for eight nights, the other sometimes ate knights.

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8. What’s the best thing to put into the sufganiyot?

Your teeth.

9. What did the candles say when the menorah complained about getting too hot?

Whoa, a talking menorah.

10. What did the older Hanukkah candle say to the younger one?

You’re too young to smoke.

11. Why was the broom late to the Hanukkah party?

It over-swept.

Hanukkah jokes, Mrs Doubtfire/old lady jumps up and sweeps floor

12. Why are there only 8 days of Hanukkah?
Because 7 ate 9.

13. How many potatoes does it take to make potato pancakes? 

A latke.

14. Why do you put candles on top of the menorah?

It’s too hard to put them on the bottom.

15. What did the loaf of bread say to the other loaf of bread during Hanukkah?

Happy challah days!

16. Why did the dreidel go to the doctor?

It kept getting dizzy spells.

17. I asked the waiter if my latkes would be long.

He said no, they’ll be round.

18. What did the stamp say to the Hanukkah card?

Stick me and you’ll go places.

19. What’s a dreidel’s favorite song?

You spin me right round.

20. Who is a dreidel’s favorite musician?

Dr. Dreidel!

21. What did the little girl call her dreidel?


22. What does Simba say to celebrate every Hanukkah?

Hanukkah matata.

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