Essentials You Need To Create The Coziest Reading Nook For Your Kids

by Megan McCarty
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kids reading nook

A reading nook is essential for a child of any age, whether you have a toddler who wants you to read The Giving Tree *again* (here are some other classic toddler books to distract them!), a budding new reader, or a pre-teen who needs a quiet, comfy space. We all know reading is imperative to expanding kids’ vocabulary, grammar skills and imagination, as well as learning more about this big world around them and the different people and things that live in it. The key to encouraging more reading time is with an all-theirs, ultra-cool reading nook.

What makes for a great kids’ reading nook? It’s pretty simple: a cushy place to sit, somewhere to store all those books and a couple accessories to make it all the more fun to spend hour after hour in the reading nook. With a few purchases and a little finesse, your kids will be cuddled up with a pile of books before you know it.

Hear that? No? That’s the blissful silence you’ll hear when your kids are cozied up in their reading nook.

Kids’ Reading Nook Ideas


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