11 Best Spy Gear Kits For Kids— Spy Gadgets To Put That Curiosity To Work

by Kyle Schurman
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Being a spy kid is probably a lot of our kids’ dream. After all, they are adventurous and naturally curious, as we parents are all reminded after answering the 99th question of each day by 11:30 a.m. (Just keep telling yourself, a child who asks questions is a good thing, and it’s not part of a long game effort to cost you your sanity.)

All the signs are there (as if them telling you constantly wasn’t enough). They love classic detective books like Nancy Drew and mysteries like The Boxcar Children. They’re obsessed with the Spy Kids movies and The Inbestigators series on Netflix. And you’ve been playing Dog Crimes every day during lunch break. Your kids are just fascinated by all things spy and detective, right? After you’ve had family puzzle night and have pushed the DIY tie dye kits, it’s time to feed their curiosity with the best spy gear for kids. Children love discovering things, and they can use spy toys for kids to investigate. Whether they’re studying clues or using binoculars to spy on their siblings (hopefully without starting WWIII), they can have fun while sleuthing, satisfing their curiosity, and also learning at the same time.

Now, as a parent, you may feel it’s your job to steer that curiosity in a positive direction. You have to teach them that it’s okay if they’re using the spy gadgets to catch dad sneaking pork rinds between meals and cheating on his diet. It’s not okay if they’re using spy gear to break into their little brothers/sisters treasure box.

Teach them good from bad now with these spy gadgets for kids, and you won’t feel as compelled to spy on them with an app when they’re teens. Now listen, they may start trying to “lift” your fingerprints to get into your iPhone, let’s hope they aren’t that good at being junior detectives. Ahead is everything they’ll need (aka everything you need to buy) to be a great spy who has the best spy gear around.

Cool Spy Gadgets For Kids

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Best Spy Kits For Kids

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