Take These Kites With You On Your Next Windy Adventure

by Bailey Cox
kites for kids
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The internet is chock full of a variety of kites for kids. And we found some of the top kites (conveniently most are from Amazon!) your kid will have a blast flying. When we were kids, we probably remember our parents taking us to the park on a blustery day so we could get our little nylon kites up in the air. Nothing beat the rope burn we’d get on our fingers from trying to reel it in against the strong winds. A successful kite outing was any that didn’t result in the kite taking repeated nose dives into the ground after takeoff. Some of the best childhood memories are built from playing outside, whether it was observing personal butterfly sanctuaries, playing with bubble machines, or even flying a drone. Kites are one of the coolest toys, even if they’re one of the most simple.

Launching a kite is a big feat and it’s important for kids to do it themselves. It helps build patience and problem-solving skills if they’re not successful on the first launch. Give them the time to figure out what went wrong and what they need to change for next time. They’ll be overjoyed with pride when they finally get that kite to stay up on the next launch.

All of the kites we’ve listed are excellent beginner kites for kids, but we’ve seen plenty of reviews from adults who purchased these for themselves and had a blast. So don’t be afraid to find your inner child and take one of these kites for a spin! We narrowed down our list of kites to our top 10 picks. Oh, and if you’re serious about kite flying, it’s been recommended by many customers to upgrade the flying line that is default to every kite for a heavy-duty spool of flying line.

Best Kites for Kids