8 Best Butterfly Garden Kits 2021: Kits For The Home & Classroom

The Best Butterfly Kits For Observing The Magic Of Metamorphosis

February 19, 2021 Updated June 23, 2021

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Having a butterfly garden kit to raise a winged friend is a childhood rite of passage, especially for a kid who loves bugs. Growing up, you probably raised your own butterflies in class — or maybe you had a different kind of classroom “pet.” After all, who doesn’t have good/traumatic memories of raising ducks, snakes, lizards, bunnies, hamsters, or butterflies in school? And what was elementary school without the tight-lipped grin your parents gave you when it was your turn to babysit the class pet over the weekend? Well, you’re the parent now, and although virtual learning has taken many kids out of the classroom, you can still provide that memory and some hands-on STEM learning, to boot. Even better, butterflies are a low-maintenance, low-risk critter, meaning little work for you and less possibility of exposing your kids to the aforementioned trauma. And who wouldn’t love watching colorful creatures thrive in their own miniature garden?

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Thanks to at-home butterfly kits — many of which are available on Amazon — caring for a caterpillar is easier than ever before (especially if adopting a small mammal is your idea of a dreaded a truth or dare challenge). And hey, maybe it’ll appease them enough to stop begging you for a puppy (ha, yeah right). Whether you’re a parent looking to enhance your child’s remote learning experience or a teacher wanting to demonstrate the basics of biology to a virtual classroom, here are the best butterfly garden kits for home and school.

Best Butterfly Growing Kits

Insect Lore - BH Butterfly Growing Kit

Compact and easy to set up, this butterfly garden kit has nearly 11,000 rave reviews on Amazon. This set comes with a voucher to order the caterpillars separately, offering flexibility if you want to give it as a gift or the season isn’t butterfly-friendly. It also comes with a chrysalis holding log for your baby caterpillars to hang on to.


Best Butterfly Kits On Amazon

RESTCLOUD Insect and Butterfly Pop-up Habitat

This pop-up habitat kit stands nearly two feet tall. It features a clear side for easy viewing and is large enough to hold more than one plant. According to the reviews, it’s easy to clean too — critical since (apparently) butterflies leave quite the mess once they hatch. You can fold it flat for storage in-between seasons.  

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Nature Gift Store Live Butterfly Kit: Crafty Box Version

Combine an art project with STEM learning in this cutesy kit. If you want something a little different than the standard mesh-sided containers, this one comes with crayons, stickers, flowers, and a coloring sheet so you can decorate the habitat yourself. This kit comes ready with live caterpillars, so make sure you’re ready to raise ‘em before you hit “add to cart.”

$19.85 AT AMAZON

Trasfit Butterfly Net Kit

If keeping a “pet” caterpillar alive still feels like too much of a commitment, this is the perfect set for you. It comes with a net and a mesh terrarium so your kids can catch fully-grown butterflies, observe them in the enclosed “garden” for a few hours, then set them free. You can plan a butterfly-catching expedition to explore nature together, and bonus: Chasing the flying critters will help your kiddos burn off excess energy.

$18.99 AT AMAZON

Best Butterfly Kits For Teachers

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Butterfly Bungalow

If you need to store multiple kits in your classroom, you’ll be super thankful for this pop-up, fold-flat butterfly habitat. Each kit comes with a log for the chrysalis to hang from and a magnifying glass, which is honestly adorable and will make your kiddo feel like a genius. It also includes a certificate to mail away for the larva, so you can order the kits in advance and prep your new arrivals’ habitat.

$17.59 AT AMAZON

Nature Gift - Butterfly Kit Refill

Perfect for teachers who already have a habitat or want to provide more caterpillars for a class full of kids, this kit refill has everything you need — and we do mean everything. You provide the setup, but they provide a feeder, mister, eyedropper, and even sugar packets (because we know you don’t have any sugar around, *wink, wink*).


Nature Gift Store 3-Foot Hanging Butterfly Cage

For teachers looking to make a big visual impact, this 3-foot hanging cage allows for everyone to observe at once! If class is in session, the kiddos can gather ’round to watch their fluttering friends through the 360-degree see-through mesh screen. And, since the habitat hangs, there’s no need to find extra surface space, which is ideal for smaller classrooms. This one also comes with 10 live painted lady caterpillars.

$32.90 AT AMAZON

More Butterfly Kits For Kids

Uncle Milton Butterfly Farm Live Habitat

This butterfly garden is the perfect size for a desk or tabletop, making it a great choice for classrooms and a compact one for virtual learning. It also comes with a poster that covers all four stages of caterpillar growth, making it a great decoration for your classroom and a visual learning tool for students. (Hello, new Zoom background!)

$19.99 AT AMAZON

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