12 Best Knight Toys For Your Camelot-Obsessed Kid 2021

The Best Knight-Themed Toys For Your Camelot-Obsessed Kid

April 1, 2021 Updated May 3, 2021

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Knight toys: You can almost hear the clanking of armor and clashing of swords now, can’t you? Or maybe that’s what you always hear coming from your toy room/basement/every room with your little ones pretending to be knights of Camelot nonstop. On top of the required metal ensemble, your kiddo needs shields, dragons, and super cool castles to set the right scene in their imaginary medieval fight! Throw in some cool fun facts about old legends and tales of medieval times and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool and educational set-up.

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We’re here to help…or enable, however you want to look at it. Here we’ve rounded up some of our favorite knight-themed toys, from medieval costumes to action figures, and more. Scroll on, but be warned: with a new knight-themed toy, you might be roped into playing the princess in distress again. Or you can switch things up and have the princess be the one to save the day (we like the sound of that much better).

Best Knight Toys

Great Pretenders Crusader EVA Sword & Shield Bundle

Dragons and beasts and bad guys, oh my! Every knight needs a protective shield and sword, like these one from Maisonette. It features a red and gold motif and is made from flexible textured foam, so it’s sturdy enough for your little knight and soft enough for Mom’s peace of mind. It’s also hand painted with a distressed look, so your knight will really feel like they’ve been through battle to defend the kingdom.


LEGO Castle Forest Ambush

This LEGO set is all about the knight in shining armor…well, the knight in ambush. This is a fun and super unique set that a treasure chest of jewels, miniature weapons, and two enemies ready to duke it out.

$56.99 AT AMAZON

Meri Meri Dragon Knights Helmets

Hosting a knight-themed party? These knight helmets, crafted from shiny silver paper with a colorful tassel, are a must to celebrate your little knight’s birthday. Comes in a pack of 8. Dimension: 7” x 7.5” x 6”.


PLUS PLUS Knight Construction Building Stem Toy

So simple, so creatively stimulating. We love mini puzzle blocks like these, with bricks that easily connect to each other, creating endless flat or 3-D creations. Follow along with the included instructions in this set to create a knight from the tube’s 70+ pieces. Since all the pieces can be swept into the tube for easy clean up, this is a great (and cheap!) toy for car rides, restaurants or anywhere else you may need an emergency stop-whining-this-second distraction. For ages 5 to 12.


Great Pretenders Knight Set

How can you expect your knight to protect the kingdom without a full ensemble? This beautifully designed and detailed set includes it all: a tunic, cape and a crown. The hooded velour tunic features a fierce lion on the front, and the cape is easy to put on and take off, but is also held on strong with Velcro strips, so no “Mom, my cape fell off again!” whines are in your future. And don’t forget the crown, a must for all kings-in-the-making. Designed to fit ages 4 to 6 years.


FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks

Leave it to FAO Schwarz to create castle building blocks that will have Mom and Dad on the floor playing, bad backs and achy knees and all, for who knows how long. This 75-piece set is as fun as it is educational, helping your kiddos develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness while building, and sparking imagination and storytelling while playing. Of over 1,600 Amazon reviews, this set has a 4.8/5 star rating, so we’re not the only ones who love it. 

$28.99 AT AMAZON

Liontouch Medieval Maltese Knight Foam Toy Sword for Kids

Before you say “no swords in this house,” know that this toy sword has been safety tested in accordance to both American and European standards for kids ages 3 to 8 year olds, so no one will lose an eyeball. It’s flexible yet stable, and is not designed with a stick inside, which should give you a sigh of relief. If you’re competing for Mom of the Year, consider pairing this knight’s sword with the complete outfit: a helmet, shield and cape.


Best Knight Action Figures

Medieval Castle Knights Action Figure Toy Army Playset

This 23-piece medieval knight toy set comes with a castle, working catapult, a horse and eight figurines! Your little one will love playing out fight scene from beginning to end.

$20.94 AT AMAZON

Safari Ltd Knights & Dragons Miniature Figurines

Virtually unbreakable” – that’s how one Amazon reviewer describes these mini knights and dragons figurines as we immediately add them to our cart. This set includes four knight characters from the Red Kingdom, four knight characters from the Blue Kingdom, as well as a catapult and – of course! – a tough green dragon. And mom, rest easy, instead of tripping all over these, have your kiddos put them back in the tube. (Extra easy for throwing in a suitcase or backpack too!) For ages 3+.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Bvrorere Knight and Orcs Warriors Action Figures Toys

These muscle-y, (dare we say?) frightening looking action figures could be a good fit for the older knight lovers in your life – think ages six to 10. This set features eight warriors, including four knights and four half-orcs, that can be bent to sit, stand, turn their heads and move their arms and legs. Each is about 4” tall.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Bigjigs Toys King George's Castle

Made of birch plywood pieces that slot together for easy assembly, this toy castle from British brand Bigigs Toys is totally keepsake-worthy. It has a functioning drawbridge, doors, and balconies for royal figures to peer out from, as well as red and blue flags, depending on who’s claimed the castle, and a secret door for stealthy exits (lots of intrigue to be found in castles, after all). Extras like sets of Knight figures are available separately to populate the palace. Playing with King George’s castle, kids 3 and up will develop their imaginative play and storytelling skills and improve manual dexterity. What’s more: Bigjig’s toys are made from safe, responsibly sourced, high-quality materials, so while this pick is a bit of a splurge as far as castles for kids go, it’s one parents can feel good about purchasing.


Kiddey Knight's Castle Kids Play Tent

What’s a knight to do without a castle to defend? This play castle tent, made of a high quality polyester that’s easy to clean and hopefully indestructible from wayward play swords, is big enough for a couple little kiddos to play in together: 40” diameter and 53” height. While it’s a perfect fit for a playroom, your knights and princesses could also take this outside, since it includes ground pegs, a front door and mesh windows. (No flies allowed in this castle.) Bonus: this tent includes a sword and shield.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

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