This Litter Box Looks Like A Chic Plant, So You Don't Even Have To Hide It

by Gina Vaynshteyn
litter box

Cat mom speaking here. While I like my cat just fine, dealing with a litter box is…not my idea of a good time or sense of decor. Depending on apartment, I’ve hidden the litter box in the second bathroom (to be more specific, a tub that we never used), guest room/office corner, laundry room, and most recently, the second bedroom closet. No matter where you put it, it’s not gonna be cute, though. There’s nothing like a plastic box of full of sand and probably cat poop and puddles of pee that’ll make you wonder how hard it really is to train your cat to use the toilet. I digress!

A solution? This chic AF litter box that looks like a clay pot planter.

For when you have a smaller space and really don’t have a lot of options, this is perfect. Even if you have to keep your litter box out in the kitchen or main bathroom, this secret litter box will totally fool people.

It’s large enough for one cat, and looks like regular-sized pot (19x19x20 inches, to be exact). It’s made of durable material that keeps the litter in, and has a vented system to deal with dust and smell (although just because you now have a hidden litter box, doesn’t mean you can forgo scooping it — sorry!).

It comes in brown and gray, so you can pick one depending on your living space palette.

One happy reviewer wrote, “I’ve literally never written an Amazon review in my life, but I felt like this was a necessary item to review! Basically, if you’re thinking about ordering this litter box, DO IT! My house is a small 1000 sqft home that’s obviously low on living space, let alone a designated area for a hideous cat litter box. This hidden cat litter box has been an absolute answer to my prayers! I turn the litter so that the entrance is completely unnoticeable and guests have been floored when I tell them that it’s actually the litter box!”

Another wrote, “I hated having the litter box out in the open in my new apartment, as the only spot to put it besides my bedroom was the dining room. This is very inconspicuous, and the only thing that alludes to what it is are the litter track mats I have in front of it. I place the opening towards the corner so my cat can still get in, but I don’t have to look at it. Win-win!”

And if you’re wondering whether cats love it as much as humans do, the answer is yes (according to all the reviews) — but also, it depends on the cat. Because, well, you know how that goes.