ALAKAZAM! These Magic Sets Will Spark Imagination For Kids Of All Ages

by Karen Tietjen
Best Kids Magic Kits

Magic kits for kids are a fantastic non-toy gift option that inspires imagination and builds confidence. They also encourage independent learning and may even get siblings to work together to put on a show. (Now that’s magic!) But when it comes to choosing the best magic kit for your kid, in particular, be sure it caters to their age and interests. Are you shopping for a novice performer in need of a toddler-appropriate gift? A teen who’s already advanced at trickery (and to be clear, we’re talking the magician kind)? Or maybe they’re a make-believer who’s more interested in dressing the part? Whatever the case, there’s a set out there that’s perfect for your budding illusionist.

From fun surprises suitable for 4-year-olds, to advanced slight-of-hand tricks for teens, to a STEM kit that proves that chemistry is magic, we’ve found some of the best ones out there. Below, check out our favorite magic sets — which are highly-rated on Amazon — for any kind of performer (including dress-up clothes that can double as this year’s Halloween costume). So sit back and enjoy the show as your kiddo makes coins and $100 bills disappear faster than you can. Only, you won’t have to feel too sad, because this disappearing money is fake (it’s all part of the *illusion,* after all). ALAKAZAM!

Best Kid’s Magic Sets With Costumes

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