Marc Jacob Beauty Products Are Currently 50% Off!

FYI: Marc Jacobs Beauty Products Are Ridiculously Cheap Right Now!

July 27, 2021 Updated August 2, 2021

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Marc Jacobs Beauty

Never did I think I would say this, but Marc Jacobs Beauty is having a major sale on all of their best-selling beauty and skincare products! Most people don’t have piles of the beauty brand in their makeup drawer because you know, money — but it is some of the best out there. And now is as good a time as any to try out (and stock up on) the beauty brand that so many make-up enthusiasts and beauty gurus obsess over.

Right now almost everything Marc Jacobs Beauty is 50% off! And that goes for what’s sold at Sephora too. That includes skincare (like the beloved Youthquake Hydra-full Retexturizing Gel Crème Moisturizer), lipsticks and glosses, foundations and concealers — all of it. The biggest task with a sale this huge is getting to your favorite products before they sell out. And all of it is selling out fast on both sites, so make sure to stock up and stock up NOW on your favorite Marc Jacobs Beauty products while they’re still available!

Is Marc Jacobs Beauty being discontinued?

That is the buzz around the beauty world, unfortunately. The cruelty-free beauty brand is said to soon be discontinued from Sephora, but many question why the Marc Jacobs Beauty website has more than half of its inventory on sale as well. Only time will tell, but for now it’s time to splurge!

Le Marc Lip Crème

The highly acclaimed and awarded Le Marc Lip Crème is…wait for it…$16! Of the 32 color options, only five remain including this gorgeous Soft Plum color. Make sure to stock up while you can because it definitely won’t be available for long.

With a 4.7 rating, customers call it the “Holy Grail” of lipsticks. “Beautiful application. Does not feather or dry my lips,” raved one reviewer. “Creamy, pigmented one of the best lipstick formulas on the market stays on a long time and paired with Marc Jacobs lip gloss, you look like a celebrity!” said another.


WAS $32

Youthquake Hydra-full Retexturizing Gel Crème Moisturizer

Yep, the close-out sale extends to Sephora too. And this MJB Moisturizer is one of their top sellers with over 1.1K reviews! With ingredients like pineapple enzymes and encapsulated sodium hyaluronate, it’s the perfect formula to hydrate your skin while working hard to refine texture and even tone.

You’ll notice the reviews are flooded with users that hope the product never leaves because it works THAT well. Take it from this reviewer with acne-prone skin who said,  “Light weight gel feel with the extra hydration. My skin is combo, sensitive and acne prone and I didn’t get any break outs and my skin wasn’t excessively shiny throughout the day either… If you want buttery smooth and bouncy skin, this product is a must have. Trust me.”


WAS $90

Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

Surprise, surprise, we’ve got another best seller on our hands. The Velvet Noir Mascara will give you volume to the max (no need for false lashes with this!). It comes in one color (black), but really it’s the only one’s you’ll need. “I’ve been using this mascara for years, it’s AMAZING! So thick and dark, I’ve gotten so many compliments and so many people think I am wearing lashes!” said one reviewer.


WAS $27

Extra Shot Caffeine Concealer and Foundation

Okay, so MJB’s famous Re(Marc)Able Foundation Concentrate is mostly sold with only two shades remaining — BUT, this Extra Shot Caffeine Concealer and Foundation is a top-rated seller all on it’s own. It’s long lasting, creamy, caffeine-infused formula easily conceals dark circles, adds brightness, and hydrates your skin with ingredients like coconut extract.

“Best coverage!” said one happy customer. “A little goes a long way! Thicker than a foundation, rather creamy for a concealer, this is a super pigmented hybrid that hits a buildable and lightweight sweet spot. Honestly only coverage I use now, and I’ve got under eye circles of a new mama to cover up – so good!” *Immediately adds 5 to cart*


WAS $40

O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan Bronzer

The O!Mega Bronze is basically like an instant tan. The matte finish has no shimmer and the light coconut scent will make you feel like you’ve earned that sun-kissed look. Did I mention people are obsessed with that yummy coconut scent? And tons say how great it works with all skin tones. I think it’s time to stock up for those sun-less winter months!


WAS $50

Accomplice Concealer & Touch-Up Stick

This concealer and touch-up stick has over 2,300 reviews on Sephora and a near perfect rating. It’s known for being smooth on the skin, and the range of tones is pretty great too. One customer advised, “Girl if you have DRY SKIN purchase these now ! They’re very velvet and creamy I would say this is more of a natural look.”


WAS $32

Enamored Lip Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer

This $30 lip gloss is now under $15! Of the 35 color choices, only 24 options are still available. If pink, purple, and nude glosses are your thing, you may want to stock up on this long-lasting formula while you have the option. “Best lip gloss. Worth every penny,” said one reviewer. “Marc Jacobs makes the best lip gloss by far. I’ve tried many. This one is long lasting and non-drying with great pigmentation.”


WAS $30

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Le Marc Lip Crème
Youthquake Hydra-full Retexturizing Gel ...

WAS $90

Extra Shot Caffeine Concealer and Founda...
Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara
O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan Bronze...
Accomplice Concealer & Touch-Up Stick

WAS $32

Enamored Lip Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer