Best Makeup Organizers, According To Organized Moms

The 11 Best Makeup Organizers To Buy Now — Because Beauty Clutter Is A Bad Look

March 3, 2020 Updated December 10, 2020

Best Makeup Beauty Organizer

Makeup: We love buying it, but kind of hate storing it. It seems like one minute you’re excited over a new cheek tint or nail polish, the next you’re lamenting how your vanity, bathroom counter, dresser drawer, or all of the above, have turned into the beauty-product abyss. If you have tons of options but can barely find the items you’re actually looking to use, it’s time to get it together–with a makeup organizer, that is.

Organizing? Ha! Easier said than done, right? Well, not exactly. Once you’ve edited through the cosmetics you use–and not the ones collecting dust, or bacteria, or God knows what at the bottom of your product pile—there are all sorts of makeup organizers to choose from. From portable cosmetic cases to countertop units designed specifically for brushes or glosses to rotating all-in-one storage options, there’s a way to keep your bountiful beauty collection organized and easy to find. Hallelujah!

So what are the best makeup organizers to buy in 2020? We’re so glad you asked. Below, you’ll find noteworthy picks that are available now. With tons of rave reviews and a variety of price points to choose from, the selection ahead surely offers an organization option that works for your needs. Less time “putting on your face” means more time for, well, whatever you want.

Best Makeup Organizer for the Value

Ikee Design Deluxe Stackable Makeup Storage Organizer

This build-your-own option can be stacked vertically, side by side, or split up into separate locations, depending on your space and decluttering needs. The top layer of this makeup organizer features eight lipstick slots, as well as seven mid-size compartments and one large compartment for storing bulkier, taller items (think tools, brushes, or setting spray). The second layer includes four small drawers, while the third layer has two large drawers that are deep enough to hold nail polishes. Stacking all three layers definitely leaves you with the most countertop space but on their own, the drawer sections leave room atop for displayables like pretty perfumes or maybe even a candle or succulent! Thanks to durable clear acrylic, you can see all the products you’re reaching for, saving time during busy mornings when you need to grab as many precious seconds as possible. And with over 9,500 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5, suffice it to say, this affordable pick is definitely giving the people what they want.


Best Counter Space-Saver

AmeiTech Makeup Organizer

If you’re sick of having beauty loot and toiletries constantly scattered across your countertop, this may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. A true space-saver, this large-capacity makeup organizer fits a variety of products from blush to face wash to contact lens solution, without taking up a ton of room (it measures approximately 15″ high and 10″ in diameter). It also has an adjustable middle tray to accommodate containers of different heights and sizes. A rotating Lazy Susan-style design gives easy access to everything in it, and this spinning style is also simple to assemble and washable, too! (Convenience level: high.)  One enthusiastic Amazon reviewer notes, “I don’t know why I waited so long to purchase this, it has kept my vanity desk so organized. I love it! Best makeup organizer for your day-to-day use.


Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer

HBlife Acrylic Makeup Organizer With Brush Holder

Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve, mama! Made from 5 mm of thick clear acrylic, this all-in-one makeup organizer does it all. Use it to keep all your kabuki brushes in an upright position when not in use or take advantage of the little storage bins for other odds and ends  (think: mini nail polish bottles, travel-size lip glosses, and makeup sponges galore). Perhaps the best part is that there’s a lid to keep out dust and dirt.

Says one beauty guru, “I am a makeup junkie and let me just say I have TONS! I purchased this to help some of my addiction and my vanity with a place to store my brushes, liners, lashes and anything else I want to add this is perfect! Holds over 30 of my brushes including face, shadow and other tools. Keeps them dust free since it has a door that opens smoothly and never catches. Crystal looking handles makes it look clean and elegant on my vanity and beautiful as decoration while not being used! The beads are just an added extra that takes it to the next level. Pop of color keeps brushes standing in place and the three little drawers are perfect for little things like blending buds, nail clippers, single eyeshadows and all sorts. Great price and great durablility! Will be buying more soon.”

$25.99 AT AMAZON

Best Nail Polish Holder

Home-it Nail Acrylic Nail Polish Holder

With this acrylic nail polish holder conveniently situated on your bathroom vanity or on your dresser, you’ll never have to go on another scavenger hunt to find your punniest Essie lacquer (“beachy keen” and “talk to the sand” are currently on repeat over here). It holds up to 60 bottles, so you’ll be able to fully display the entire ROYGBIV spectrum. If you’re a nail aficionado, then you’ll understand how truly *groundbreaking* this is. (Pro tip: You can also use it to organize your essential oil collection for a clutter-free countertop.) 

This hubby just gets it, “Bought this for my wife, she had a box of nail polish that she had to sift through whenever she was doing her nails. This definitely made it easier for her to find what she needed and just made for an overall neater look. It was super easy to assemble just a few screws and we were good to go. It has held up really good and I highly recommend.” Another customer shares, “I am not a “professional” nail technician but I have an extremely large collection of gel polishes and regular nail lacquers. I have had one of these for about 4.5 years now and just recently decided it was time to put the rest on display as well. This item has held up AMAZING and does exactly what it is supposed to. When I find a space for a 3rd one, I will certainly buy another.”

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Best Makeup Organizer Bag

Chomeiu Travel Makeup Case

If keeping your makeup essentials away from prying eyes and hands is a priority, you might want to consider a zipped cosmetic bag as opposed to a countertop organizer. The Chomeiu makeup organizer case is convenient, portable, and perfect for transitioning between day-to-day and travel. Made of a water-repellant fabric, this leak-proof, easy-to-clean pick has a hard acrylic inner shell to retain its shape, as well as adjustable, sponge-wrapped partitions to keep your specific makeup items from shifting, shaking, and colliding in transit. (If you’ve ever broken a powder blush or shadow, you know the perils of letting cosmetics roll around inside a soft-shell bag. Seriously, ugh.). This thoughtfully-designed organizer’s also got a protected elastic slot for makeup brushes. Just stow your favorite products and tools inside and you’ll have your daily beauty routine organized–and ready to grab and go whenever you need!


Best for Lip Color Junkies

byAlegory Acrylic Lip Gloss Makeup Organizer

Lip gloss addicts, we gotchu. ByAlegory is known for professional-inspired makeup storage solutions designed to keep specific products organized–as opposed to rattling around, falling, and breaking–and this slotted tower stand can fit 28 standard-to-tall-sized lip glosses. Now that’s organization. Made of thick acrylic, it can be stood upright, laid flat, or on its side–either way, a beveled design means no sharp edges to worry about with handsy little ones around. Reviewers often tout its sturdiness, value, and how it fits taller glosses, with one noting  “I bought this for my Kylie Lip Kits and I absolutely love having it. All my lip colors are organized and I put my makeup brushes in the slots that I couldn’t fill with lip colors. This was a great buy and makes getting ready in the mornings and picking out my lip color so much easier!”


Best Makeup Brush Holder

hblife Makeup Brush Holder

Makeup brushes and other taller tools often get lost in the product shuffle, and this holder and organizer, made of durable acrylic, is a simple, cost-effective solution. Having a specific space for storing outsized items like brow combs, wands, blush, and shadow brushes prevents them from getting smushed–a real bummer if you’ve spent extra on luxe tools. Keeping your tools upright in this organizer also prevents them from collecting residue under a pile of other makeup products–and offers a safe spot for air drying after washing your brushes. Non-slip grips on the bottom help ensure the holder stays put, meaning it won’t scratch your dresser or slide off of a wet bathroom countertop and ruin your morning. According to One reviewer, “”I have used so many different containers for my makeup brushes. These are a game changer. [Two] actually fit behind each other on my medicine cabinet shelf. They hold plenty and I can find the brush I need. Finally organized.” Sounds good to us.


Best Train Case

Caboodles Goddess Professional Four-Tray Cosmetic Train Case

Classics never die, amirite? The O.G. train case from the ’80s and ’90s is just as beloved as its ever been. Granted, we’re partial to a more sophisticated sleek design these days, as opposed to the plastic pastels of yore: Enter the silver Goddess train case. It features four large, extendable, auto-open trays, a top handle, a locking latch with keys, and plenty of interior space. Literally, there’s room enough for cosmetics of all types, brushes and combs, hair products, and more–but don’t just take our word for it. Hundreds of customers sing Caboodles’ praises online, including one who says, “If you don’t have a Caboodles case you need to go buy one right now. I’ve had the same one for like 12 years and love it. It’s perfect for traveling. It has little compartments to help keep me organized and has more than enough room for all your stuff. I have 3 and love each of them. Worth every cent.”

$55 AT QVC

Best Makeup Palette Organizer

iDesign Clarity Vertical Plastic Palette Organizer

Letting blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow palettes slide around in a drawer or clack around inside a soft cosmetic bag can be a recipe for breakage–and frustration. Because cleaning up cracked powder makeup spills is one of the least fun things to do ever, stowing yours in a makeup palette organizer is kind of a no-brainer. This one is ideal to keeping rectangular and square palettes organized and easily accessible–one reviewer even uses it to organize face mask packets, as well (kind of genius, tbh). Another notes, “It’s like a little bookcase for my makeup!” The slots are tiered in size, allowing you to keep taller items in the back and smaller palettes in the front–and with packaging reaching new levels of pretty these days, it’s kind of nice to be able to display your beauty, er, beauties.


Best Wall-Hanging Organizer

AOOU Makeup Jewelry Armoire

Furniture and makeup organizer in one? Kind of genius, if you ask us. A wall-mounted armoire that stores everything from jewelry to cosmetics and beauty products–and comes with a lock to keep unwanted explorers out–is the space-saving decor piece you didn’t know you needed. Hang it on a door or wall to keep product clutter off of your counters (and avoid tangled jewelry–a win win!). Shelves of varied sizes stow products of all types. As a reviewer puts it, “This is a very well made organizer, the shelves are great. It has plenty of space for makeup brushes, palettes and skin care bottles…On the door there are plenty of compartments for jewelry. One thing I really appreciate is that the door closes tightly and it would be difficult for toddlers to open it. It also comes with a lock for extra security. I love it!” We can see why.


Best Travel Option

Calpak Vanity Case

If you travel frequently (hey, camping trips count too!) and/or like to have a lot of makeup options in one place, this handy organizer case from Calpak is worth the splurge. We love that it’s made from a durable hard shell case that’s water-resistant. Open it up to find your best HG beauty items, your go-to moisturizer, a sleep mask—whatever you deem necessary for an overnight stay. Convenience is key here, ladies. It has an interior divider with pockets and a mesh divider so that you can keep your sh*t together. It’s available in midnight marble, milk marble, and a slew of other awesome colors. One mama shares, “It’s huge yet small. I was carrying about 3 smaller bags for all of my families toiletries and bathroom stuff for trips. Now I can fit everything in one convenient case. It seems sturdy. It’s light weight. I finally get to put it to the test next week for our first trip with it. Can’t wait!!”


Find your best makeup organizer? Yay! Life feels easier already, doesn’t it? Shop more beauty must-haves to make it feel–and look–even better!

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