These Massagers Are The Ultimate Self-Care Gift – And They're On Sale

by Team Scary Mommy
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Amazon / Walmart

The holidays are upon us and that means gift shopping for the whole family. It also means that you should probably (definitely) indulge in some gifts for yourself because damnit you deserve it. And what better way to relax and ease the tension in your muscles than a massage? Handheld massagers are perfect, especially when there’s no time for the spa (and a little virus name Corona going around). These days, you have to do it yourself and do it at home.

The great thing about handheld massagers is that they come in a variety of forms. The classic manual back massager is still around, but now you’ve got electric handheld back massager options, full body mini massager options, and even grade-A massagers that the pros can be used right at home too. Thanks to places like Amazon and Walmart, the options are endless.

To prevent you from adding another thing to your to-do list (because we know how it is), we pulled together a list of the best handheld massagers from Amazon and Walmart. No need to stress about finding the perfect muscle massager, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to indulge in tranquility with these super relaxing self-care gifts!

The Best Electric Handheld Massagers

The Best Mini Handheld Massagers

The Best Manual Handheld Massagers

Happy holidays to you, and you alone.


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