8 Matching Sweat Suit Sets For Fashionably Low Maintenance Mamas

by Maria Tallarico
Originally Published: 
Generation Love Matching Sweatsuit

If you’ve noticed Kim Kardashians’ monochromatic matching sweatsuits and seriously wondered if you could pull off a comfy leisurewear look that doesn’t veer into “frumpy mom” territory, we are here to tell you that matching sweatsuits are a surprisingly accessible way to bring street style to #momlife – even if your life is a touch more minivan than Calabasas monastery.

The matching leisure suits of today are nothing like the butt-crack revealing, hot pink velour sets of the early aughts: instead, sweatsuits are all about fit and colour. Pair a shrunken hoodie with shorts or a waist-skimming kiss-print sweater with cuffed pants for an Insta-outfit (read: an outfit that instantly comes together, and is cute enough for Instagram).

These type of no-fuss, but still fashionable, pairings make the morning rush or an afternoon of back-to-back activities a little less stressful. No dry cleaning, no worrying about pairing a belt with shoes, no endless “does this top go with this shirt?” doubt here. It’s grab-and-go dressing favoured by models and famous mamas, and it’s totally addictive.

There’s also something very confident about this kind of uniform. It’s not quite athleisure (you can’t hit the gym in it) but more casual than trousers or jeans. It’s modern but not trend-chasing. Once you look so put together (and damn cozy) with such minimal effort, you’ll never go back to closet stressing again. (Unless you happen to score an invite to the Met Gala.)

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