The Best Maternity & Nursing Sports Bras For Active New Mamas & Mamas-To-Be

by Anna Baboval
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best maternity sports bras
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It’s hard to picture working out pregnant without the best maternity sports bras. Pregnancy workouts are so important for keeping both mama and baby healthy (for things like brain development and increased oxygen flow) but when the workout itself becomes wrestling into a sports bra, it’s time for some new options. Any big busted gal knows how essential a supportive sports bra is to any chic workout gear, and as a mom-to-be, it’s even more important. Protecting the sensitive and growing breast tissue now through postpartum as the milk comes is as essential as those workouts.

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There are many different sports bras out on the market today for both pregnant and non-pregnant women, so narrowing down the choices can be quite overwhelming. (As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with finding the perfect baby crib, car seat, and nursery decor!) The top things to look for are support, comfort, and flexibility (and we don’t just mean stretch). Finding a bra that adjusts in multiple ways to adapt for growing breasts is key (think adjustable straps and band size). And as you may already know, pregnant tired is a whole new level of tired, so zip front and eye and hook closure bras will help to conserve that last little bit of energy you have for the actual workout. Regardless of the type of workout, choose a bra that fits properly (be sure to check the sizing chart!) and provides a bounce-free experience for optimal comfort.

Not sure where to start? Stay tuned. From maternity sports bras that offer nursing access post-birth, to adjustable for growing breasts, we’ve curated our favorite sports bra options for pregnancy and postpartum wear. You’ll be comfortable and supported for all your activities, whether they’re low-impact, high-intensity, or anything in between!

Best Maternity & Nursing Sports Bras

Best Maternity-Friendly Sports Bras

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