12 Meat Delivery Services That Will Save You A Trip To The Grocery Store

by Michelle Sparks
Porter Road

Maybe it’s by choice or maybe it’s because of quarantine, but whatever the reason, you’ve decided you’re going to start cooking at home more. Good for you (after all, ordering chow mein from the local Chinese takeout spot multiple times a week isn’t doing your bank account or blood pressure any favors). But even if you have the best pans and the best grill, you’re still missing one key ingredient: the meat.

Rather than waste precious time or precious energy on the world’s most polarizing errand (grocery shopping, of course), you can get your beef, chicken, seafood, and more shipped right to your doorstep with an online meat delivery service. Even better? Most of them aren’t just convenient—they’re also higher quality than what you might find in the grocery store. There are grass fed meat delivery services, organic meat delivery services, and even ones that source only from independent farms.

To help you stock up for your next month of meals without even stepping foot out of your house, we’ve rounded up some of the best meat delivery services below, from the ever popular Butcher Box and Crowd Cow to the uber gourmet D’Artagnan.

Popular Online Meat Delivery Options:

Organic, Grass-Fed, & Hormone-Free Meat Delivery Options:

Now that you have your meat, browse all of our favorite kitchen tools and gadgets to help you cook it.