The Best Monitor Risers to Prevent Neck and Back Pain 2021

If Your Computer View Is A Pain In The Neck, These Monitor Risers Can Help

August 9, 2021 Updated August 10, 2021

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If you spend a lot of time at your computer, a monitor riser is a great solution to prevent neck and back pain as you work from home. Did you know that in an ergonomic workspace, the top of your laptop or monitor screen should be at or just below eye level? Monitor risers are an easy way to make that possible! To make your WFH experience more comfortable and less straining, you can keep your laptop on a monitor riser and use a wireless keyboard at the correct level for your hands and elbows. From experience, I know that the neck and back pain will dramatically improve once your view is upright. Those who have been raising your laptop with a stack of old books or magazines (we need that flattering angle for video calls) know the benefits of a higher screen too — but it’s time to level up to the real deal!

Monitor risers come in all sorts of materials, from wood to metal to plastic, and are available in lots of different styles to coordinate with your current desk mat or desk organizer. Most of them have handy storage space for home office essentials, so they’ll help cut down on clutter, too. Having a monitor riser is truly a win-win! Check out our top picks for the best monitor risers below.

Best Monitor Risers

WELL WENG Bamboo Monitor Riser with Storage

This monitor riser has a lot going for it — it has a ton of storage space, including a phone slot, a small shelf, and four good-sized side compartments, and it’s made from eco-friendly bamboo that looks great. Imagine all the clutter this could contain! You can even remove the dividers from the side compartments to make room for bigger items. (One of the product photos shows that it can fit things that are the width of a DVD, and a customer-submitted image shows headphones in there.) The back of the shelf area is open, so you can run cables through it if needed. One of the hundreds of positive reviews reads, “Very cute look and sturdy as well. It can store a lot. I have my desktop, my laptop, my work laptop, my iPad, my headphones, all stored with room for all the other stuff I need on my desk.”

$33.99 AT AMAZON

Quartet Desktop Glass Monitor Riser with Dry-Erase Board

One of my friends has this monitor riser and has been very happy with it. The dry erase feature would also be great for someone like me who is addicted to using post-it notes — unlike those, this option creates zero clutter! (It’s also more environmentally friendly.) The glass dry erase board is retractable, which is a nice touch, and has a compartment for a dry erase marker (one is included). For flexibility, this monitor riser has three options for heights, starting at 2.25”. It holds up to 100 lbs. (so, way more than you’ll need) and has non-skid rubber feet. Bonus: The company provides a five-year warranty! 

$57.70 AT AMAZON

Best Monitor Stands

Klearlook Monitor Riser

One nice feature of this monitor riser is the options for its width — you can adjust it from 16.5” to 20.5”. Here are two more cool features: The riser has a built-in phone/tablet holder that slides back inside when you’re not using it, as well as a small storage drawer for low-profile supplies like post-its or pens. If you find a (relatively) clean work space calming, anything like this that cuts down on clutter will also cut down on stress! The stand is available in both white and black, holds up to 55 lbs., and has handy anti-slip pads on the bottom. Bonus: No assembly required! One reviewer noted, “It’s small enough to place on a desk or a table, it has two compartments which I use one [of] to hold my cell. Since it’s foldable, it’s small enough to ‘hide away’ if needed. I’m very pleased with this product.”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Bambloom Monitor Riser and Desk Organizer

Yes, this is very, very pink. If that doesn’t float your boat but you like this design, no worries — this monitor riser also comes in white, black, and gray. It’s 4.7” high, and while it’s made from MDF, it holds a very respectable 80 lbs. (That’s at least 10 monitors, if you’re counting.) It has two drawers as well as various compartments that can hold a phone, pens, and so on. (One product image shows a latte sitting in the circular slot, but that kinda seems like a disaster waiting to happen.) The riser comes fully assembled, and the company offers free returns within 30 days. But judging by the hundreds of positive reviews, that won’t be necessary. One of them reads, “I can put so many things in the drawers and slots on this stand PLUS store things UNDER it because it leaves space. It is extremely well made and sturdy.”

$46.99 AT AMAZON

Best Monitor Stands for Desk

Amazon Basics Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser

The Amazon Basics brand is a source of good options for, well, basics, and this very affordable monitor riser is a great example. It has thousands of positive reviews! If you need a monitor stand (perhaps for one of your kids?) but don’t want to spend much and don’t need any bells and whistles, this could be just the thing. At 6” x 11”, it’s also a wise choice if you don’t have a lot of free space on your desk. The stackable legs (with non-skid feet) let you adjust the riser height from 2.6” to 4.9”, and there’s some storage space underneath. You do need to put it together yourself, but you don’t need any tools and assembly is simple. One reviewer wrote, “I am now able to have my monitor in full view with the added convenience of being able to place external hard drives and other items in the space underneath it. … It is extremely sturdy and adds more space to the desk for storage.”

$22.49 AT AMAZON

Beimu Acrylic Monitor Riser

If you prefer desk accessories that blend into the background, this modern-looking acrylic monitor riser is for you. With a height of 4”, it gives you a lot of space to store things underneath it, from books to office supplies. My favorite thing about this product is actually part of the description, which helpfuly notes that putting things underneath it will “protect them from your cat when you are not working.” It also notes that your cat can lie on top of the riser (sans monitor) to protect your keyboard when you’re typing. (There’s a customer-submitted photo of an adorable kitty doing just that.) One happy customer wrote in a review, “Extremely sturdy and well built. … Came with a protective film on it, which was easily removed revealing crystal clear acrylic, not a scratch in sight! … The height is perfect — I can keep my laptop open and be able to see both screens!” 


Best Computer Monitor Stands

BoYata Adjustable Monitor Riser

Unlike most monitor risers, this one is fully adjustable — you have more than just two or three set heights. By turning the knob in the back, you can change the height from 4.3” to 7.5” and everything in between. The maximum is much higher than most monitor risers, too. While it’s not exactly the most attractive or stylish stand out there, its narrow base also gives you more flexibility regarding the items you put underneath it. This riser holds 33 lbs. and has a skid-proof pad. While it doesn’t come assembled, reviewers say it’s easy to put together — and the required tool (a hex key) is included. One reviewer noted, “I use an external keyboard and this works perfectly in terms of using the laptop screen and an external monitor. I am impressed with the simple design and adjustability as well as the quality. The stand has some weight to it (made of metal not plastic) and is in no way flimsy.”


HumanCentric Wooden Monitor Riser

I’m getting major Scandinavian vibes from this wooden monitor riser and I love it. It has a pretty oak finish (pictured) and also comes in a darker walnut shade. If you have a messy desk (no judgment here … I’m guilty), something very simply designed like this definitely wouldn’t be an added distraction appearance-wise. The monitor riser, which is 4” high, has anti-slip pads on the bottom and holds up to 150 lbs. (whoa). One happy reviewer wrote, “Very modern but understated. … I actually store my laptop underneath my monitor stand for a clean look. Notches on the side are great for cord access, etc.”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Monitor Stand Risers

SUPERJARE Dual Monitor Riser

If you have a two-monitor setup, I’m kinda jealous. But, more usefully: If you have a two-monitor setup, this is an excellent solution for your work space. You can change the angles and positions of the three components to fit your needs, and each part provides storage space underneath. (The outer ones are 3.94” high, while the center is 3.15”.) You can also slide them together (as shown in one of the photos) for a single monitor or a laptop and have three storage compartments underneath. You can secure the sections with pegs or leave them unconnected. While the monitor riser is made from particleboard and not wood, the three finishes (white, walnut brown, and, er, “retro brown”) look really nice. One reviewer noted, “I put it together in about 5 mins. and it’s very sturdy. I like that the ends rotate so I can make it fit my desk perfectly. It also opened up a ton of desk space, and the cubbies underneath are an added bonus to store my notebooks and pens and keep my desk clear from clutter.” 

$31.99 AT AMAZON

Rebrilliant Bourgeois Wood Monitor Stand

This monitor riser has dozens of positive reviews and is made from real wood with a painted finish. (Although it’s wooden, note that its weight limit of 20 lbs. is a lot less than the other monitor risers on our list — still, that’s more than enough for a laptop or a typical monitor.) It’s 4” tall and has eight handy storage slots on the top to hold things like pens, paperclips, post-it notes, and business cards. Reviewers say that this monitor riser is sturdy, well-made, and high-quality. If you’re looking for something other than brown, you’re in luck, because this also comes in black and gold! (Note: While the company has named this the “Bourgeois” monitor riser, I give you permission to call it the “Bad and Boujee” monitor riser if you prefer.) 


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