Best Back Posture Correctors In 2020, According To Moms

These Posture Correctors Literally Have Your Back

August 18, 2020 Updated November 11, 2020

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Mom posture — the slouched state of a mother’s body who has spent endless hours hunched over bathtubs, lifting children in and out of highchairs, and hauling heavy toddlers around. Yes, motherhood is tough on your body! With a weaker core (thank you child birth) and rounded shoulders from all those snuggles  – mom posture is painful! If you suffer from upper or lower back pain, tight shoulders, and neck pain (regardless if you spend too much time slumped over your computer or not) you likely need to retrain your body to stand up straight.

Ready for the good news? Mom posture (or, honestly, bad posture in general — you definitely don’t have to be a mom to have this) can be fixed with a little thing called a posture corrector. The goal of a back posture corrector is to support and eventually activate your core and back muscles so you stand up straight. Better posture has so many health benefits including more energy, decrease in headaches, plus higher self confidence. There are gadgets and braces and even special pillows that will help you sit and stand straight with your head high and your shoulders back. Buh bye slouching mom posture, hello tall straight confident mama.

Best posture corrector bras:

JoyShaper Posture Corrector Shapewear Vest

Ever think about a mommy tuck? You know the tummy tuck breast lift surgery that we all whisper about at the playground with our mom squad. Here’s the thing, you can avoid that surgery (and the large medical bill) and still get the results. Combat mom posture (and a depleted bank account) with the JoyShaper Posture Corrector Shapewear Vest. It’s designed specifically for women to instantly slim your upper torso, support better posture, and give your chest a little added lift. The alloy steel boning in the back of the shapewear posture corrector prevents slouching while comfortably realigning your shoulders, easing back and shoulder pain. The 3 row hook and eye adjustable closure provides easy wearing and a perfect fit. Since nobody wants to be seen wearing a back brace, the JoyShaper is made of a thin breathable material that easily moves with your body and can’t be seen under clothes.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Leonisa Back Support Posture Correcting Wireless Bra

Why not support the girls and your back with one easy solution. The Leonisa Back Support Posture Corrector Bra is an extra special miracle bra with built in posture support. This features PowerSlim bands that crisscross on the high-back Leonisa bra to gently pull shoulders into alignment, helping you keep a healthy posture. Not a fan of underwire bras pinching and poking you? The Leonisa Back Support Bra lifts your girls with its wide wireless underbust band and 2 front row hook and eye closures. The extra wide cushioned adjustable straps keep you comfortably moving through the day regardless of what it brings. One Amazon customer raves My neck and back feel so much better now that I am wearing this bra everyday. I LOVE this bra!!!! It works!!!!”

$45.00 AT AMAZON

Best overall posture correctors:

Truweo Posture Corrector Brace

Although there isn’t a term for bad dad posture, like we said, moms are not the only victims of slouching. Posture is not a gender specific issue. It is a strength and lifestyle issue that can be fixed by the unisex Truweo Posture Corrector Brace. The Truweo Posture Corrector encourages core and back muscle activation through pulling the shoulders back and opening up the collar bone area. Meaning, after you wear this posture brace enough your muscles will eventually build strength to open your chest and stand taller all on its own. The lightweight Truweo is comfortably worn under or over clothes for any activity. One Amazon customer reviewed, After trying it for two weeks I noticed a significant change in my posture. And it is easy to put the posture corrector on. There is velcro in the front of the brace which can be tightened or loosened. It is washable, folds easily, and doesn’t take up too much space in a bag when traveling. It really does work!” Get yourself (and the men in your life) the healthy posture you deserve.

$11.41 AT AMAZON

Upright Go 2 Smart Posture Trainer

We hear ya, the idea of strapping into a bulky brace each day to help with posture doesn’t sound so comfortable. But what if there was a posture corrector out there that was discrete and comfortable (without feeling like you are wearing a straight jacket). The Upright Go 2 Smart Posture Trainer is just the gadget you’ve been looking for. The small rectangular Upright Go 2 attaches between your shoulder blades with medical grade adhesive and gently vibrates in real time when you slouch, reminding you to stand tall. For easier on and off, the Upright Go team also offers a USB necklace that holds the posture trainer on your upper back. One Amazon customer said “After only one week I can tell you something with 100% certainty: Your posture will improve while you wear it for sure. My Upright Go does exactly what they claim. 5 Stars!” The Upright Go 2 seamlessly connects with their mobile App to create a custom posture program and track slouching progress. Make posture goals and actually reach them!  

$79.99 AT AMAZON

Sparthos Lumbar Support Posture Correcting Belt

Motherhood can be a pain in the back. The whole hauling around little humans and their tons of stuff to every corner of the earth  (or the neighborhood) thing isn’t easy on your back. Ease all that back pain and support your core to stand taller with the Sparthos Lumbar Support Belt. The Sparthos Support Belt is made of durable, breathable mesh elastic and industrial velcro for the best stability and quality available. One new parent on Amazon reviewed I got this for my wife when she complained about back pain and slouching after delivering our first child. This is great for her. You can wear it under or outside your clothes and it does not slide when sitting down. Her back pain is nearly gone.” 

$34.67 AT AMAZON

Mkicesky Lumbar Support Pillow

In this new work from home reality, most of us spend our day hunched over our computers and phone pounding work out as fast as we can (before we are inevitably interrupted every 30 seconds or so by a child). With a simple addition to your work from home office (or what the rest of the family refers to as the dining room table), the Mkicesky Lumbar Support Pillow will help you sit straighter and work more comfortably. This little memory foam miracle pillow turns any seat into a state of the art ergonomic support chair elongating your spine while correcting your posture. There is no way you are going to be able to hunch using the Mkicesky Lumbar Support Pillow. Perfect for expectant mothers, road trips, desk chairs, heck even wheelchairs, the lumbar pillow has a breathable mesh cover that keeps you cool and comfortable while sitting tall all day long.

$27.99 AT AMAZON

MeaMae Smart Posture Corrector Brace

Fix your slump with the MeaMae Smart Posture Corrector that merges technology with good old fashioned physical realignment. The ergonomically designed, soft and breathable brace straps loop over your shoulders and fully adjust to fit most everyone in the family (from 33 to 210 pounds). But if you start to hunch? The MeaMae Smart Posture Corrector has a special angle sensor that will give a slight vibration to remind anyone in the family to sit tall while studying, playing video games, or working on the computer. “Charge it up, slip it on and bam – every time my posture is out of whack, it gives me a gentle reminder to straighten up” reviews one Amazon customer. “It’s kind of amazing how it trains you to be aware of your posture. I’m really glad I got this and I am already feeling like I’m benefiting from wearing it.”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Ursexyly Posture Correcting Waist Trainer

Let’s get real: many of us moms can barely squeeze in a workout and regularly survive off our children’s dinner scraps (admittedly half eaten hotdogs are pretty tasty). But we still want to look and feel our best, even if we don’t have the time. Lucky for us, the Ursexyly Posture Corrector Waist Trainer provides full lumbar support (elongating your spine and easing upper and lower back pain) while offering moderate midsection compression to help flatten your tummy, reduce your waistline, and provide postpartum recovery support. One new mom reviewed on Amazon, “This is just what the doctor ordered! I needed some postpartum support for my back and neck. It is nice (made with good material) and very comfortable. This does the trick.” Spinal alignment, perfect posture, and that sleeker figure we’ve all been looking for, without a gym in sight.

$28.99 AT AMAZON

Motherhood can be a pain in the neck…and back. So say goodbye to the pains of mom posture once and for all. There are no more excuses for slouching backs and rolled shoulders with 8 comfortable and effective posture correcting wearables and pillows to help you stand tall. Moms are always taking care of everyone else, so remember to take care of yourself sometimes too. Let us help with the best wellness tips and tricks out there to keep you and your family healthy and happy.

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