10 Ways To Keep Pain In The A** Mosquitoes Away Naturally

by Steph Osmanski
Originally Published: 
Bug Zappers All Natural

Nobody wants to be bit up this summer while camping with the family. Same goes for spending movie night outdoors swatting away at pesky winged critters the whole time. But so many insect sprays and mosquito repellents on the market use harsh chemicals (ahem, DEET) to encourage bugs to get gone. What if you could deter bugs from entering your home or yard without the chemicals?

We’re talking bug zappers, UV lamps, and mosquito repellent plants like citronella (AKA Mother Earth’s natural mosquito repellent). After all, when it comes to repelling bugs — mosquitoes, flies, gnats, spiders or whatever else — there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to keep these little sh*ts away. Seriously, if we could buy a forcefield for the patio area or the whole house, we would.

If you’re looking for an all-natural, nontoxic fly repellent or the best mosquito repellent, these no-nonsense products are what’s up. After all, why show a tiny pest mercy, Mom? They’ll just bite you up at night or leave welts on your skin post-gardening. It’s time to treat unwanted buggies with the same savage disregard they show us. Cue 10 ways to keep bugs the f***k away.

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