8 Of The Best New Minion Toys From Their Next Movie— Minions: The Rise Of Gru

by Kit Stone
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New Minion Toys

Our hearts have never been the same since we were introduced to tiny, yellow, gibberish speaking creatures — that’s right, I’m talking about Minions. You know, they’re the reason why you can’t get your kid to stop saying, “Bananaaaaah”. They’re also the reason for a collection of Minion memes that fill our Slack channels. If your kid is Minion-obsessed and loves movie themed toys, then they’ll love this lineup of best new Minion toys for 2020.

We first met our minion friends in the animated film Despicable Me. Ten years later and the franchise is still churning out films. Their latest installment, Minions: The Rise of Gru is on the way. This film will be a sequel to Minions and a spin-off and prequel to the main Despicable Me film series. In Minions: The Rise of Gru, we’ll see Gru’s backstory and how at twelve-years-old, he dreamed of becoming the world’s greatest supervillain.

Although Illumination/Universal has pushed back the release of their new film to summer 2021 due to the COVID19 pandemic, your despicable little ones don’t have to postpone their fun. There’s a new wave of Minion toys that just hit the shelves to keep your mini villains entertained while indoors.

In the new line of Minion toys, you’ll find fart machines, Minion-themed UNO card games, and themed LEGO building sets. There’s a Minion toy for every age to hold your little one over until the next film drops, or at least for the next hour or two.

Host a Minion movie marathon and reintroduce the kids to Stuart, Bob, Dave, and many more characters from the film. If your child hasn’t met a Minion, they’re in for a special treat. Not that we want to give the kids any ideas on how to wreak havoc upon our households, but Gru’s loyal little friends are simple but funny and get tangled in all sorts of adventures — much like your mischievous little crumb-snatchers.

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