8 Best Nursing Pillows To Make Breastfeeding More Comfortable 2021

These Are The Best Nursing Pillows New Moms Are Loving Right Now

January 19, 2021 Updated February 8, 2021

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One of the most important things you need for you and your baby is a nursing pillow. If you’re pregnant and shopping, you’re probably buying baby products and adorable pint-sized baby clothes by the boatload. Everyone loves to tell you all of the items you’ll definitely need for your baby, but all-too-often they forget to mention the super important products you’ll need for you, so you survive the newborn phase with at least some sanity intact. The nursing pillow is one of them (a baby bouncer is another item you’ll want *eventually*, and we also categorize that product as “sanity saving”).

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One of the postpartum must-haves that tends to top the list for most moms is a nursing pillow (or a breastfeeding pillow). You may have heard of the Boppy pillow—it’s one of the most popular breastfeeding pillows out there, but it’s just one of many that are sold. Most breastfeeding pillows are made to sit right in your lap underneath your hungry, breast- or bottle-feeding baby. They wrap around your body so that they stay in place and serve as a comfortable resting place for your baby. This positioning allows you to take a hands-free approach to feeding your baby so that you can do other things, like sit back and relax, scroll through your phone, call a friend or even eat something for a change.

When shopping for a nursing pillow, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The first is comfortability. If you don’t feel comfortable positioning the breastfeeding pillow around your body, you surely won’t feel any more comfortable once you add your newborn to the mix. You also want to make sure that the material is soft and to your liking. Bonus points if it’s machine-washable, since you’re definitely likely to get some milk stains on it (to say the least).

Here are some of the best nursing pillows that new moms are loving right now.

Best Nursing Pillows

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow & Positioner

This is the OG nursing pillow—and probably the one you’ve heard moms talk about the most. There’s no denying that the shape, positioning and ease-of-use of the Boppy makes it a great choice, especially for nursing mothers. It was inspired, designed, and launched by “mompreneur” Susan Brown, back in 1989 and has quickly become a new mom must-have. It can be used in multiple feeding positions, has a removable slipcover that’s breathable and soft and, best of all, it’s totally machine washable (yes, the pillow itself!). 

$39.71 AT AMAZON

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

This is another well-known nursing pillow brand. It provides similar (and arguably even more) support to the Boppy nursing pillow while encouraging an upright posture that will save you from the back aches that are likely to ensue if you slouch during feedings. It wraps around your entire body and has a firm and flat back so that you can sit on a couch or chair comfortable. It also has an attached pouch that you can easily store essentials such as nursing pads, nipple balm and water. 

$40.42 AT AMAZON

Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow

This dual-purpose nursing pillow serves you well past the first few months, or potentially even after your breastfeeding days are behind you. In addition to a nursing pillow, it can also be used as a lounger or seat for your baby. This brand is known for their super comfortable pregnancy pillow, so it’s no surprise they were able to make an equally comfy nursing pillow that’s thick, firm and supportive. The only downside about this nursing pillow is that the cover is not removable, so you have to be careful with spills. 

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow

This baby brand may be best known for its toys, but it also creates one of the best-rated nursing pillows, which has received several awards for its unique design. It has several layers and opens from the center, almost like a book, which allows you to change up your position and prop your baby up more or less during feedings thanks to three height options. Whether you prefer to nurse in the cross-cradle position or the football position, this pillow has your back (literally). 

$38.37 AT AMAZON

Borje 45° Angle Newborn Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow

While at first glance this breastfeeding pillow looks fairly standard, it has one unique quality: a small head pillow that makes your baby even more comfortable while nursing. Like the Boppy, the cover can be removed and thrown right into the washing machine. It also comes in 12 fun prints and colors so that you can totally customize it for your nursery. 

$32.99 AT AMAZON

Bebe Au Lait Nursing Pillow

Like the Boppy, this nursing pillow was also designed by a nursing mom who was in search of a product that would make the feeding process more seamless. It has an open, C-like shape that’s a little less of a wrap-around than other nursing pillows. It has a firm texture and dual-sided design that gives you and your baby the support you need to feed comfortably. The slipcover is machine washable and comes with a little pocket so you can store essentials. 

$44.92 AT AMAZON

Twin Z Pillow The Blue

Having multiples? If you plan on breast- or bottle-feeding two (good for you!), you’re going to need a nursing pillow that allows you to do so comfortably. This one looks like two regular breastfeedings molded together so that each baby has their own little space to feed. It also provides support for the nursing mother so she can relax comfortably while her little ones go to town.  

$99.99 AT AMAZON


From the brand that’s best known for their lightweight, versatile and durable diaper bags, comes a super functional and ergonomic nursing pillow that allows moms to either sit or stand upright while feeding their baby. It cradles your baby comfortably while letting you get more done while you feed. Since it’s fairly small, it’s a great travel nursing pillow. It also transitions into a bag that you can use long after the nursing days are behind you.

$39.98 AT AMAZON

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