The Best Paw Patrol Toys For Inspiring Heroic Rescue Missions

by Jenn Sinrich
best paw patrol toys

Paw Patrol toys may be a hot commodity in your home — and that’s okay. Reason being, there are some kids shows (cough, Cocomelon) that we parents just can’t stand. And there are others that we really don’t mind hearing in the background. On the list of kids shows that are actually tolerable, Paw Patrol is at the top (right alongside The Octonauts, Daniel Tiger, and Sesame Streetobviously).

In case you’re unfamiliar, Paw Patrol is about a group of heroic rescue pups who are part of, you guessed it, the Paw Patrol. They’re led by their fearless leader, Ryder, a 10-year-old boy. Every episode centers around a new mission in which the dogs have to work together as a team to achieve their goals. How sweet, right?

Who are the members of Paw Patrol?

These are the original main characters, but there are many more!

  • Ryder – 10-year-old boy
  • Chase – German Shepherd
  • Marshall – Dalmatian
  • Skye – Cockapoo
  • Rocky – Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Zuma – Chocolate Lab
  • Rubble – Bulldog

What is the new Paw Patrol pup called?

The newest pooch on patrol is a Bernese Mountain dog named Rex.


Now that you’ve gotten a little background information, it’s time to shop! The best part about this show is that it’s wildly popular, so if your kid is begging you for themed toys to play with as they watch, you’re in luck. There are so many fun Paw Patrol toys on the market right now, so you have plenty to choose from. Below, find 18 mom-approved Paw Patrol toys for your little fan.

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