10 Best Pool Covers: Above Ground Pool Covers & Small Pool Covers

10 Best Pool Covers That Will Fit Swimmingly On Your Indoor Or Outdoor Pool

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If you’re here, it’s (unfortunately) that time of year to cover up the summer fun and look for pool covers. When the heat is bad, there’s literally nothing better than putting on a swimsuit and jumping in the pool right in your backyard. But when the air starts to crisp and the leaves start to fall, it’s probably time to cover it up. As a “pool family”, you may be the neighborhood’s go-to house with the best water toys and accessories, but it also means that you have to think about the best pool covers to protect it until next year.

For many, pool covers help reduce the cost of heating your pool. The best pool covers will also provide a sense of safety (a.k.a. no one falls in). It’s important to always keep things monitored around your pool, but safety covers will be an extra layer of caution. The best pool covers also help keep out leaves and other debris. All in all, pool covers are a win/win for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a new pool cover, here are a few that families can’t stop raving about.

Best Pool Covers

Robelle 372545R Supreme Winter Pool Cover

This pool cover from Robelle is one of Amazon’s top-rated. It comes in more than 12 various sizes to ensure the perfect fit, and will keep your pool protected through harsh winters with its durable material. “After 3 hard northern winters the cover still looks almost like new,” said one reviewer. ” It came off the pool after 3 hard winters and the pool has never looked so clean. No leaks whatsoever. It still looks almost new…I’m very happy with it.”

$136.47 AT AMAZON

Midwest Canvas - 21' Round Blue Solar Cover

Do you have a round pool? Then, this solar cover may be a wonderful hit. Solar covers will help you use the sun for a warmer swimming experience. This one is fitted for plenty of different sizes, and can be shipped directly to your home. Doesn’t a warm pool sound nice right about now?

$76.49 AT LESLIE'S

Original Mesh 15' x 30' Rectangle Safety Cover

Safety is a huge priority when it comes to pools. If your top concern is making sure your kids can’t go in for a midnight swim, this safety cover is one of your best bets. As a benefit, this model is lighter than most other safety covers, making it really easy to use and store.

$573.59 AT LESLIE'S

Safety Pool Cover 18x36 Ft Rectangular In Ground Brass Winter Cover

One of the most important things about pool covers is making sure you get the right size. This option from VEVOR might be the perfect match — but, they have other sizes available if you need it. This safety cover happens to be a fan favorite and, might be able to be modified if you have a handyman (or woman) in the home. “Great investment,” wrote reviewer Eva Gomez. “My husband was able to cut it down to fit our pool size. It fits perfectly.”

$394.99 AT VEVOR

Blue Wave 18-Year Mesh In-Ground Pool Safety Cover

Are you a fan of Overstock? It should come as no surprise that they also have plenty of great pool cover options, especially this one from Blue Wave. Ideal for in-ground pools, this model has plenty of fans. “Holding up great!” one reviewer posted. “We have had ours through almost 2 winters now.”


Best Pool Covers For Above Ground Pools

Blue Wave  Round Above Ground Pool Cover

We know that round above ground pools come in multiple sizes, and apparently Blue Wave knows it too! With over 13,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s one of customer’s top choices for above ground pools. Ranging from 12 feet to 30 feet, you’re sure to find something that works.

$56.86 AT AMAZON

Pro-Strength Polar Plus Pool Cover

This pool cover is ideal for an above-ground pool, and can arrive at your door with or without clips. Strong and durable, they’re a great way to protect your pool in any type of weather. They’ll also help prevent mildew and comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

$114.99 AT IN THE SWIM

Robelle 3721-4 Supreme Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools

This Robelle pool cover is incredible for a few reasons. For one, it comes in a ton of different colors. Two, it’s available in plenty of different sizes. And three, it’s well priced and reviewed. “We’ve had many a pool cover on our 18′ round. This one by far has put those other covers to shame,” writes one Amazon Reviewer. “The scrim is nice and wide, the quality is great and the thickness of the tarp is very thick.”


Best Small Above Ground Pool Covers

Evoio Solar Pool Covers

It’s not the size of the pool that matters — it’s what you do with it. And that’s why it’s important to also find the right pool cover for a small outdoor pool. This solar cover is a great way to keep your small pool warm. Plus, it’ll also help block any bugs or birds who might be looking for a quick swim.

$42.99 AT AMAZON

Yankee Pool Pillow Round Pool Cover

These pool covers are thick and will help you get through some of nature’s harshest weather. And, 84% of their customers gave this model five stars, which is quite telling. “The cover is great,” states Amazon Reviewer and (likely) pool owner Justin. “Right out of the box, you can tell this is high quality,” he stated.

$109.97 AT AMAZON

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