Best Pool Tables Kids Will Love According To Mom 2020

8 Best Pool Tables For Kids— Kid Sized Pool & Game Tables That Can Be Used Inside Or Outside

Kids Pool Tables

We sure love everything mini these days. It’s all the rage. (As long as no one tries to miniaturize the cup of coffee to start the day and the glass of wine to end the day, that is. Those need to be big for a good reason that starts with “K” and ends with “ids”.)

We love Mini Coopers, tiny houses, and tiny food, as well as the traditional tiny staples of puppies and kittens. Then there’s the adorable Baby Yoda. (Thanks a lot, Disney. Nothing can compare on the cute scale ever again.)

One fun — and adorable — kids toy is a mini pool table. These tiny pool tables for kids look like the real thing, and they’re actually playable. Their balls and rails don’t have the responsiveness of your favorite table at your favorite pub, but the tiny pool tables are plenty of fun. (Besides, your 5-year-old probably shouldn’t be hanging out in places like pubs.) These kid size pool tables are great if you don’t have the space for the real deal, but still want them to learn the game. Some of these are tabletop while some are stand alone. Either way, we love the idea of keeping these inside during winter and shifting them to the porch (or an all season porch) when the temps are warm. No reason we can’t give them something else to keep them OUT of the house, right?

Mainstreet Classics 20-Inch Tabletop Mini Pool Table

At only 20 inches in length, this is one of the smallest pool tables kids will be able to actually play with, rather than just being a piece of art. From the child-sized pool cues to the mini chalk cube, this game is made for little hands.

The table contains a side ball return, rather than mesh pockets, so it even feels like a full size billiards table.

The entire unit fits on top of a kitchen table or coffee table, so its extremely convenient too, as you can store it easily when the game is finished.

It is made of lightweight materials, so if dad is a bit of a baby about losing in billiards, maybe he shouldn’t be allowed to play rough here.


Matty's Toy Shop 20-Inch Tabletop Mini Pool Table

For another extremely small pool table, this unit measures just 20.3 inches in length. It provides a bit of a different look than the traditional pool table with black felt and bright blue accent colors, which kids are sure to love.

Everything is miniaturized for small hands to play adequately. It ships with everything needed for the mini pool table, including two cues, 16 balls, chalking cubes, and a triangle. It’ll sit on top of a table during game play and slide into a closet or under a bed afterward.

Fair warning: You will want to store this pool table for kids when it’s not in use and not leave the balls loose on top of the table. Otherwise, if you leave it out when you leave the house, you’ll come home to find that the family cat spent the day batting each of the mini pool balls all over the house, and you’ll be finding them one at a time over the next several months.


Portzon 24-Inch Kids Tabletop Mini Pool Table

For a slightly bigger option among pool tables kids will like, this unit measures 24.7 inches in length. Each pool ball measures about 1 inch in diameter. The game pieces are still small enough for younger kids to manipulate easily, but older kids will appreciate the slightly larger size.

Each pocket has a catch net, rather than an interior rail system, which is nice, as it prevents the jamming of balls in the interior channel.

Occasionally, though, the tiny pool balls will fall through the net mesh, rolling across the floor. Be careful about this, as chances are roughly 96% that you will slip and fall on the loose ball at some point.

This Portzon table even has little legs that hold it above the surface of the table top. The kids probably won’t give a crap about having the table a little higher, but mom and dad’s lower back will appreciate the more comfortable angle to the table.


Hathaway Sharp Shooter 40-Inch Kids Tabletop Pool Table Set

This 40-inch long Hathaway pool table for kids has a size that will start to feel a bit more like a real table for older kids and adults. It does require a larger space on a kitchen table or coffee table to support it for play, which may or may not be practical for your home or apartment.

This model has tiny legs to raise it off of your kitchen table, but not tall enough legs for it to be freestanding. The pool balls measure 1.5 inches in diameter, and the responsiveness of the rails is closer to that of a real pool table.

This mid-size kids pool table will stand up to roughhousing a little better than some of the smaller units we’ve already discussed, but it’s still not made for full contact play or angry reactions to missed shots. Hey, everyone has to learn to control their temper at some point. Better the kid learns now on a kiddie pool table now than on an episode of Live PD in 20 years.


Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Bank Shot Pool Table

This Playcraft 40-inch mini pool table is the perfect size for kids of all ages, featuring miniaturized parts that will fit their hands better than a full size table. But these parts are a reasonable size for adults too with 36-inch cues.

It has everything you need to start playing immediately with pool balls, a triangle rack, and a pair of chalk cubes.

This is made to sit on top of a coffee or dining table, and it has tiny legs to lift it slightly off the table’s surface. It’s sturdier than you may expect for the price, but we wouldn’t recommend leaning on it while trying to make shots (at least for the adults).

Best of all, it’s still small enough to be stored away in a closet or under a bed when you’re finished playing. This means, unlike a full size pool table, you won’t be tempted to use it to sort laundry, to serve as a place for the kids to dump their backpacks after school, or to just accumulate random sh*t. (That’s what the kitchen table is for.)


Funmall 48-Inch 4-in-1 Combo Game Pool Table For Kids

Sometimes, a mini pool table just isn’t going to cut it. Those we’ve already listed are small and work best on an existing table. If you’re looking for a stand-alone pool table the kids will love … and that will stand up to the rough treatment that kids tend to dish out on occasion, here’s a great option. (Who are we f***ing kidding? Kids dish out rough treatment 24/7.)

This Funmall table has a sturdy design in its legs, so it will give you a decent level of durability. It measures 48 inches in length and 32 inches in height. It also has four game tables in one, allowing for pool, tabletop soccer, table tennis, and tabletop hockey. All of the pieces you need for any of the games are included.

And if your kids figure out how to create a pool/soccer/hockey/tennis mash-up game with their own rules, just applaud their creativity and move on.

(Yes, we sympathize that these are the same kids that pretend they can’t figure out how to start their English creative writing homework assignments until the last minute because “thinking up stuff” is too hard. Yet, they can dream up the craziest games and rules in about 5 minutes. But there’s no need to obsess about things you can’t control … not without that giant glass of wine in your hands.)


Best Choice 48-Inch 10-in-1 Kids Combo Pool Game Table

Maybe a 4-in-1 gaming table feels like child’s play in your house. We have you covered with this 10-in-1 gaming table. In addition to pool, it has tabletop hockey, foosball, shuffleboard, table tennis, chess, poker, checkers, bowling, and backgammon. It also includes all of the parts you need to play each of the 10 games.

At 48 inches in length, this is a perfect size pool table for pre-teen kids and even some adults. The legs are sturdy with a brace between each leg on the ends. Keep the roughhousing to a minimum, and this table should stand up to regular play well. (Easier said than done, but we’ll hope for the best.)


Fat Cat 72-inch 3-in-1 Flip Game Pool Table For Kids

Sure, a mini pool table has its advantages. But when you want pool tables kids will love as well as adults, this Fat Cat 6-foot table is one of the better choices on our list. It has a 72-inch length and a 32-inch height. Along with pool, you’ll have the chance to play table tennis and air hockey (with a motor to generate the air cushion).

Unlike some others on our list, the felt top on the pool table is smooth with a better than average quality build, which delivers a true ball roll.  It has a sturdy frame, so it should give you a good level of performance, even if teenagers are primarily using it.

Now, because of the large size of this kids pool table and because of its high price tag, it may not work for every family. But if you have room in your home or apartment and in your budget, this table is sure to keep the kids busy and to keep their noses out of their screens … other than when they’re shooting photos and videos of each other having fun playing pool to share on social media. (Sometimes, screen time is quite the conundrum for parents.)


Pool tables kids can use may not be the perfect toy for your household. Maybe teaching your kids the finer points of winning at 8-ball doesn’t seem like a wholesome way to spend their screen-free time. Understandable. For some other ideas, check out our toy guides and be ready for hands-on play time.

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