You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without These Reusable Kitchen Items

by Steph Osmanski
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Stasher Food Bags

Mom, the kitchen may be where your family gathers but we all know it’s your domain. Even though the kids and partners are spending a lot more time in said kitchen lately (send them outside already!), moms are the ones who know where everything is — like the good snacks and the kitchen essentials that don’t sit on the counter 24/7.

You’ve got your pantry and kitchen organization down to a science (thank you, drawer organizers!), you own all the Amazon bestellers, and let’s be honest, you’re the only one who knows how to use the slow cooker.

See? Your domain, Mom.

That being said, we could all stand to become a little more organized (and more eco-friendly, to boot). Think of the left-overs you keep wrapping and re-wrapping and re-wrapping on the daily. And think of all the foil and plastic wrap you keep going through! That’s money in the trash and more trash for the planet. With the help of a few reusable food storage gadgets, you won’t only be a Super Mom in the kitchen, but you’ll also be Mother Earth’s best ally. So if you haven’t bought a new set of Pyrex (yes, they still make it, and no, it doesn’t look like grandma’s) or tried Food Huggers or Zip Top, get ready to “add to cart.”

Best Reusable Food Storage Items

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