'Schitt's Creek' Face Masks For COVID-19 Are Here

‘Schitt’s Creek’-Themed Face Masks Are Here


Dozens of Schitt’s Creek face masks are available on Etsy and Amazon

While an extra season of Schitt’s Creek would have been the equivalent to gold during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the series did end earlier this spring, so we’ll have to settle for clever gear inspired by the truly amazing show. And, since there is nothing this world needs right now more than protective face masks and coverings — especially considering that things are starting to open up and people are spending more time out of the house — you will be truly delighted to know that masks inspired by the show are here and there are SO MANY different styles to choose from. Think about it: Now you can spread the cheer of Schitt’s Creek while stopping the spread of COVID-19!

Because David and Alexis Rose are the gift of television siblings that keep on giving, they were responsible for some of the most brilliant catchphrases ever like the now iconic, “Ew David.” So of course, there is a mask devoted 100 percent to it on Amazon.

Schitt's Creek Mask 1

Or, if you prefer, like, a hundred “Ew David” phrases on your face, you can also buy this one.

Schitt's Creek Mask

Personally, we feel as though this black and white “Ew David” mask is a bit more authentic, considering David basically owns the whole black and white monochromatic trend. It also features a rose, signifying the family’s last name.

Schitts Creek Mask 2

If Alexis is more your scene, and you, like, totally love everything about her, then we definitely have a mask for you. Not only does this super fierce option feature her face, but also her famous phrase “I love that journey for me” AND “Ew David.”

Schitts Creek 3

It also comes in a “windproof bandana” style for those who feel they are too cool for a traditional face mask.

Schitts Creek Bandana

Stevie Bud, business partner to Johnny, BFF to David, and one of the most snarky ladies we have ever encountered on television, is also one of our favorite characters from the show. If she is yours, then you should order this “Yeah, I’m pretty amazing” bandana ASAP.

Schitts creek bandana 2

If you want to wear Moira Rose on your mug, then here you go. This mask has an image of the Rose family matriarch as well as the phrase “You’re my bébé.”

Moira Rose Mask

And finally, if you wish to represent the whole Rose family — Alexis, David, Johnny, and Moira — this mask with all their names in different colors is a must-have.

Schitt's Creek Family Mask

Not only is every single one of these masks super adorable, but they will also enable you to do your part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. According to the CDC, one of the main ways COVID-19 is transmitted is via coughs and sneezes. And, due to the fact that many folks may be asymptomatic for days before showing symptoms, masks are key in protecting others if we, in fact, are carrying the virus.

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