Best Kids' Sleeping Bags For Snoozing In The Living Room Or Under The Stars

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Best kids sleeping bags
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Kids sleeping bags are integral for an away-from-home adventure, making them a kid gear essential. Sleepovers with friends are practically a rite of passage, then of course, there’s always the overnight stays at Grandma’s house. When it comes to camping with kids, it can be fun, but it can also challenging beyond just dealing with … [gestures generally at everything outside]. On the one hand, there’s nature hiking and eating s’mores, but on the other, there are kids complaining about being too cold and thus not being able to sleep …which ultimately means you get no sleep, either. A good youth sleeping bag can be a lifesaver by keeping them cozy and quiet throughout the night, whether they’re spending it on the living room floor or under the stars.

Most youth sleeping bags are shorter than adult ones to keep smaller bodies warmer. You can also choose different shapes (rectangular, mummy, or something different altogether), depending on how much room they want to have and different temperature ratings based on what weather you’re expecting to be in. Some of the indoor sleep sacks that come with pillows can even double as nap mats. So whether your kiddo is camping outdoors or in your backyard, or just having a slumber party with a friend, below are some of the best sleeping bags for kids. And BTW … you’ll want to keep these kids riddles and kid-friendly jokes in your back pocket to keep everyone entertained around the coffee table or campfire!

Best Kids’ Sleeping Bags

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