Best Snoo Sales For Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2020

The Best Snoo Sales On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

November 20, 2020 Updated November 23, 2020

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Happiest Baby

The Snoo has been a total game-changer for parents with newborns, but since it’s so expensive, most people wait for the Snoo to go on sale. Full price, the Snoo goes for $1,395, so it’s typically not an item you can just put on your baby shower registry (unless you have super wealthy friends and family, then a) lucky you, and b) go for it). The Snoo, sold by Happiest Baby, is a smart bassinet that rocks your baby to sleep when it detects movement in the middle of the night. It’s been a godsend to parents, since they don’t have to get up as many times in the middle of the night to try to calm down their fussy little one, either by rocking them, walking around, or feeding them (if Baby’s hungry, then you’re outta luck — the Snoo won’t feed ’em). Luckily, there are some Snoo Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals happening in 2020, and you won’t want to miss them.

Best Snoo sales

Happiest Baby

From November 26-29, Happiest Baby is offering 25% off the Snoo — no code required. That’s one of the best sales of the year, so we recommend taking advantage of the sale quickly, since the Snoos are likely to go fast.

Check back, as we’ll be adding more Snoo deals to this page, including Amazon and Pottery Barn Kids. On a similar note, if you’re looking for the best Dyson deals for Black Friday, we’ve made a handy guide.

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