10 Best Virtual Baby Shower Gifts For New Moms 2021

10 Essential Baby Shower Gifts For Every Virtual Baby Shower— New Moms Will Appreciate These During Social Distancing

May 15, 2020 Updated September 23, 2021

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Virtual baby showers are now a thing in these mid-pandemic times. In this era of social distancing, we’ve learned to adapt our everyday lives to reclaim some sense of normalcy. Although it’s hard to predict what will happen days ahead, babies are still being born, leaving soon-to-be moms with a huge double dose of uncertainty. Enter the virtual baby shower in which friends and family are invited to gather via web video to mingle, play games, and watch the guest of honor open gifts.

What’s a virtual baby shower?

Social distancing or not, expecting moms still need to be equipped with essentials like baby bathtubs, bottles warmers, and soothing sound machines to get through those first few weeks (er … years).

“Motherhood can be an isolating, lonely time for many, which can be amplified during quarantineespecially as ‘milestone’ moments in our lives need to be completely reimagined,” says Michelle Kennedy, CEO of Peanut, a networking app designed to connect like-minded, local women. “Peanut allows current and soon-to-be moms to connect and support one another, and recently, the community has been so creative in their ideas for hosting virtual baby showers!”

While the virtual version of a baby shower isn’t quite the same as an in-person shindig, it can have almost all the elements of the real thing. It can include digital invitations and thank-you notes, activities like baby Mad Libs or guessing games, and on-camera gift opening. (PS- Head to Peanut to talk to real moms about their virtual baby shower experiences if you need fresh planning ideas.)

What are the best gifts for a virtual baby shower?

Whether you’re hosting a virtual baby shower, attending as a guest, or you’re an expecting mom looking to fill your registry, we’ve gathered a few must-haves that future parents absolutely need for a less stressful introduction into parenthood. While the celebration will be less traditional, just remember: The point is to help Mom prepare for the baby on the way, which is what’s most important — maybe now more than ever. And the best news? All of these picks are available on online for easy (and safe!) shopping, sending, and receiving.

Best Baby Gifts for Peace of Mind

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo (Smart Sock + Camera)

There’s enough to worry about as a new parent on a good day, and in the midst of current quarantines, a mom-to-be’s anxiety might be heightened. But once BB comes home, she’ll have much more peace of mind if her little one’s vitals are constantly being checked. Introducing the Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo featuring the brand’s well-known smart sock as well as a video monitor. When worn, the sock tracks heart rate and oxygen levels, notifying parents if they’re too high or too low. The accompanying monitor streams audio and video to Mom or Dad’s smart phone through an app, and don’t worry — encrypted WiFi means that only verified users (aka, parents and maybe Grandma) can view the footage.

This genius set is ideal for multiple sleeping stages: Infants can wear the sock when sleeping in the bassinet next to their parents’ bed, then when they graduate to their own crib (or take a nap time snooze), the monitor can be turned on, too.


Hatch Baby Rest

Those first few nights home from the hospital are notoriously long, but new parents can help BB get into a routine with the wildly popular Hatch. A sound machine, night light, and alarm clock all rolled into one convenient device, the Hatch is every parent’s (literal) dream. You can even control everything from the changing light colors to the time-to-rise alert from anywhere in your house using the app on your phone. Set up “programs” through the app to turn on lighting and sound for set times, and the Hatch will create the ambiance you want to help everyone drift off to sleep or peacefully awake come morning.

Between the little one and social distancing stress, new parents are bound to have sleepless nights, but hopefully, this techie wonder will help to eliminate some of them. You can also upgrade to the Hatch Baby Rest+ which includes a digital clock and two-way audio monitor.


Best New Baby Essential Gifts

SwaddleDesigns Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets (set of 4)

Muslin swaddles are a new mom staple, and if you ask any parent who already has babies, they’ll say you can never have enough. What’s so great about them, you ask? They’re soft, lightweight, breathable, wrap-able, portable, and serve tons of purposes. You can use them to swaddle, of course, as a blanket for nap or tummy time, as a breastfeeding cover, a sunshield, or even as a burp cloth in a pinch.

When it comes to choosing which swaddle brand is best, you can’t go wrong with SwaddleDesigns. Made with 100% cotton, they come in a ton of adorable, gender-neutral designs. “They’re lightweight and work great for swaddling; a light blanket clipped over the stroller or car seat or a million other uses,” says one reviewer. “They wash up great and can easily be doubled if you need a warmer blanket. Just as good as expensive brands but so cheap!”


Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle

Breastfeeding or not, every new mom should be equipped with a decent set of bottles because if and when she needs them, they best be on hand. Parents love Comotomo because these squeezable bottles are easy to grip (for parents and babies), they’re simple to assemble and clean, and the wide-base silicone tops have anti-colic vents plus a shape and feel that’s close to “the real thing.”

The Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle is an awesome set because it can grow along with BB (and his or her ever-changing appetite). It includes two five-ounce bottles, two eight-ounce bottles, and sets of slow flow, medium flow, and fast flow nipples. Basically, any mom-to-be will have everything she needs to bottle-feed her baby … except maybe a second Baby Bottle Bundle. (You can get a set with pink plastic rings, too.)


HABA Magica Wooden Baby Rattle, Clutching Toy & Teether

No, newborns don’t play with toys at first, but after a few short months when BB starts grabbing things and, inevitably, gnawing on them, Mom will be glad she’s got an appropriate toy to offer. Suitable for littles ages 6 months and up, the German-made HABA Magica Wooden Baby Rattle is gorgeous, appeals to developing senses, and most importantly, it’s designed to be safe (although, playing children should always be supervised). The balls are strung on elastic and constructed with sustainable wood, then painted with a water-based, solvent-free lacquer that’s designed to resist wear, tear, and yes, gumming.

With over 250 positive reviews, buyers are ultimately pleased with this toy’s quality and the entertainment value it provides for little ones. “My 6-month-old granddaughter can easily handle these, and with time, will be able to manipulate and move them around too,” one buyer says. “She is drawn to the bright colors, and I love that they are wood. Very solidly constructed.”


Best Gifts New Moms Don’t Realize They Need

Baby Care Play Mat

Whether used for laying, crawling, or playing, the Baby Care Playmat will provide years of use. It’s cushioned to keep kiddos off the hard floor, plus it’s waterproof so spills and other *accidents* are nbd (as opposed to on your carpet).

In the early days, parents can place BB’s lounger or bassinet on its surface for a safe place to nap, or throw down a blanket for some tummy time fun. As BB grows, he/she will have a soft place to sit up, crawl, play with toys, and even eat snacks on its easy-to-clean surface. But perhaps the best part is that this mat is double-sided: It features a chic Moroccan pattern to blend with your living room decor on one side, and on the other, there’s fun animal print for the nursery or play room. With over 700 5-star reviews, it’s safe to say that this is a gift worth giving.


VAVA Home Rechargeable Baby Night Light

One must-have new parents may not consider — until they need it is a decent nightlight. But we’re not talking about the old school kind you plug into your wall. We’re talking about the touch-controlled, rechargeable VAVA.

This egg-shaped night light is ridiculously handy, and can be turned on with the touch of your (one free) hand. Press for a few seconds, and the glow will brighten and dim, which is ideal for middle-of-the-night diaper changes or feeding sessions; you’ll want to see what you’re doing without arousing BB to be wide awake. Its rechargeable base allows you to power it up then use it  cord-free, and no matter how long it’s on, it never gets hot.  In other words, this clever gadget should be on every baby registry, and since the price is right, you might as well grab one for your room — and each of your kids’ rooms — while you’re at it.


Munchkin Portable Air Purifier

When it comes to Baby’s health (and yours), this little gadget tackles what you don’t see: air pollutants. We love that Munchkin’s pick is rechargeable, slim, and lightweight, making it especially portable and suitable for small spaces. Turn it on, and it takes 3 minutes to gauge the surrounding air quality, which is displayed by its light: red = poor, yellow = moderate, green = good. It then adjusts its settings based on the the filtration needs. (For instance, this little guy turned red and started filtering in turbo mode once I began cleaning my bathroom with bleach. Oops.) So leave it in the nursery, take it from room to room, stash it in the car console, or even put it in your stroller’s cup holder — it purifies 7 cubic feet of air per minute, so you and BB can breathe easy anywhere you go.


Easiest Baby Gift to Send (Especially Last Minute)

Amazon Gift Card

The one thing new parents will inevitably need is … something they didn’t realize they needed. Even the most prepared moms and dads will have to make some last-minute purchases, and when they do, having the expense covered means one less thing to stress about. If you’re worried that a gift card is impersonal, don’t be; especially now, Amazon is a lifeline for all parents who need childcare supplies. So when the recipients in question realizes they need more diapers, wipes, or burp cloths, they’ll appreciate that you funded it — trust us. Send them a digital card for an instant gift or get them a physical card that comes in this adorable bag so they have a little something to open.


If you found these mom-approved virtual baby shower gift ideas helpful, you’ll love our other baby gear picks, too!

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