Best Stroller Blankets To Keep Your Cargo Warm And Cozy

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A baby stroller blanket is a baby gear essential you probably didn’t know you needed. That is, until you dealt with the frustration of a regular blanket dragging on the ground and getting stuck between the wheels over and over… and over again. Sure, there are worse things, but if a blanket made specifically for strollers can help save you the aggravation, you deserve all the stroller blankets.

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Stroller blankets keep your child warm and protected from the elements while out and about. They are the perfect length — big enough to fit over your little one and small enough to not hang off the stroller and cause you wish so much ill upon an innocent blanket right there on the sidewalk. They’re also great to use as a stroller cover during a supervised nap. (Oh, stroller naps, how we love thee.) Plus, they can be used as a receiving blanket, for naps at home, tummy time, or just for cozy snuggle time.

Since the internet has an overabundance of options, we narrowed them down to our absolute favorites that we think you’ll love, too. We also threw in some car seat blankets/covers for infant carriers, which can take the place of a bulky coat — because we all know how much fun it is to put a coat on a baby. (It’s actually not safe for a baby to wear any bulky clothing in a car seat, which is an important factor to consider when it’s cold outside.)

What size should a stroller blanket be?

When it comes to baby blankets, stroller blankets are the most consistent in size. They are typically 30 inches by 40 inches and designed to fit conventional strollers. To put those dimensions into perspective, the average swaddle ranges between 40 and 48 inches and is super great at getting caught in wheels.

Best Stroller Blankets

Baby Car Seat Blankets


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