This Affordable Super Greens Clay Mask Is The Only Product That Clears My Stress Acne

by Amanda Davis
sukin face mask review
Amanda Davis / Target

Attention everyone who suffers from clogged pores, oily skin, and stress-induced acne: I may have found the gem of all face masks to help us out. The Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque is a Sukin Naturals best seller made of vegan, all-natural ingredients. No synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, or parabens (among other harmful things) — just good ole kale, avocado, rosehip oil, and vitamin E. Each ingredient included has a purpose, whether it’s to help brighten, smooth, or cleanse your skin. From experience, believe me when I say the results will leave you feeling refreshed AF.

I’ve been using the Super Greens mask one to two times a week for a few months now, and the noticeable difference in my skin is pretty amazing. It’s brighter, clearer, and honestly just feels better. I’ve worn it while in the shower, while cleaning the house, and with a glass of wine in hand and old episodes of Selling Sunset on the TV screen. Whenever you choose to use it, it makes whatever you’re doing a little more relaxing. And quick tip: put it on your neck too — it helps!

The reviews on the Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque are flooded with obsessed users giving five stars — as recent as this month and going back years! It’s been a quiet fan favorite for a while now, but I’m here to let the secret out. Take it straight from user experiences and reviews:

Amazon reviewer Hannah called the Super Greens Detoxifying Masque the “most fantastic face masque [they] have ever tried.” She continued by saying, “I was so surprised at how unusually soft my skin was afterward! I only left it on for 10 minutes on my face and removed it with a washcloth and warm water and my skin has never felt softer…It has a nice smell too! I will definitely be buying this one again and recommend it to other people.”

Another reviewer called it a “GREAT masque,” (yep, in all caps) and said, “This clay masque is amazing! It feels absolutely WONDERFUL on the skin. When I rinse it off my skin doesn’t feel dry, but rather soft and smooth. I love that the ingredients are all-natural too. I would highly recommend this clay masque.”

source: Target/@abeeraghufranin via Instagram

Reviewers also say that it’s one of the few masks that actually help reduce inflammation and redness. Amazon reviewer Ry explained their struggle with their skin. One year and nearly a dozen dermatologists later, they found Sukin Naturals’ Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque.

“Over the last year or so I have seen about 10 dermatologists, received more Rx’s than I can count for possible diagnoses that have yet to make sense,” Ry explained. “Long story short, this is one of the few products I have found that painlessly speeds up the detox cycle of my face rash by reducing inflammation and redness as it seems to literally suck the toxin from my pores. I plan on incorporating this into my skincare routine even after my health challenges are conquered.”

Sounds like it’s officially time to upgrade your skincare (and self-care) routine, mama. Get on it!