7 Best Table Corner Protectors For Baby 2021: For Wood, Marble & Glass Tables

The 7 Best Table Corner Protectors To Keep Your Teetering Toddler Safe

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Finding the best corner table protectors may not be part of your ideal home decor vision, but it is a baby gear essential if you have an adventurous toddler. The day your baby starts moving around on their own is so exciting–and it’s also the time to begin baby-proofing your house with things like cabinet locks, outlet covers, furniture anchors, and of course, trusty table corner protectors. As babies are learning to crawl, stand up, and walk around, they’ll be super unsteady — not to mention, super unpredictable. You never know when and where they’re going to fall, where they’re going to go, or what they’re going to try to stand or climb on. And since you can’t be there to catch them every single time they tip over, your best bet is to try and prevent accidents (or at least, major ones). Table corner protectors are one of the best ways to ensure they don’t bang their little heads into the sharp corner of a table when they inevitably trip and fall.

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When looking for the best table corner protector for your babe, the number one thing to keep in mind is safety; in other words, you want something cushioned enough to soften a possible blow. You should also opt for a material that’s safe if it ends up in Baby’s mouth, because your little one will almost definitely try chewing on these at some point. Keeping aesthetics in mind, pick a table corner protector that either blends into your furniture or is small enough to go almost unnoticed. Table corner protectors might not be the most attractive method of baby-proofing, but they are safe, and that matters more when little ones are around.

Check out some of the best table corner protectors out there to help prevent injuries and give you some peace of mind.

Best Table Corner Protectors For Baby

CalMyotis Table Corner Protector

With over 13,000 positive ratings, these clear table corner protectors are a big hit on Amazon. They’re basically shaped like a clear bubble, so they’re subtle and will blend in with any color table, but they also cover up the entire corner, including both the top and the bottom edges. They use a high-powered adhesive that your little one will have trouble peeling off, and they’re made of a soft and flexible PVC material. They’ll fit on almost anything, and they are super versatile and easy to use.


Roving Cove Baby Safety Edge Corner Guards

These table corner protectors have over 21,000 positive reviews on Amazon, making them potentially the highest-rated option on the site. This set comes with both edge guards and corner guards so that you can cover up the edge of any table you’re concerned about, and not just the corners. It’s made of a durable, thick, and soft material that is super secure with minimal odor. You can choose to get them in a brown, black, or white color. They also use clean, raw materials, so if these do end up in baby’s mouth, you don’t have to worry too much.

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Surbaby Non-Toxic Clear Corner Protectors

These transparent corner protectors blend into any piece of furniture seamlessly and are very easy to put on. They stick really well, but also don’t leave behind a sticky residue. They are strong and durable, and they’re made with non-toxic materials with high-impact cushioning. Reviewers note that the adhesive is super sticky and these will last for months (at least).


Bink™ Bumpy Mini™ 4-Pack Silicone Safety Corners

Made with 100% baby-safe silicone rubber, these Bink table corner protectors are great for little ones who might end up trying to teethe on them. They stay on with a strong adhesive, and since they’re silicone, many reviewers find them to be more durable and high-quality than some of the other brands out there, specifically those using foam. They’re still soft and cushioned, but they’re also tough and long-lasting. They cover up the whole corner, and they keep a relatively low profile.


Little Chicks Extra Large Soft Corner Cushions Guard

These have a soft yet firm design and are made to be used on any type of table, whether it’s made of glass or wood. They have a strong adhesive for easy install, and they’re non-toxic. One reviewer noted that they worked better than expected, saying, “I must say, I was impressed. These things are much bigger and have more cushion than what the pics let on.”


Best Glass Table Corner Protectors

YouU Corner Protectors

If you have a glass table, you really want to keep baby from bumping their head or any other part of their body on the sharp corners. These corner protectors were made with slim glass tables in mind, and they are small and thin to fit on the corners. They don’t use a sticky adhesive to stay on, but they are still pretty secure, and this also means that no residue will be left behind.


Tomorotec Slim Clear Edge Bumpers

A slim profile and clear aesthetic make these corner protectors versatile to use on different furniture materials, including wood, marble, and glass; use one to soften the corner of a thin glass top, or two for a thicker surface that needs coverage both top and bottom. These are secured with a strong, transparent adhesive for easy installation, plus they won’t leave stickiness behind when it’s time to remove them. In addition to glass tabletops, customers say these protectors are perfect for furniture topped with glass protectors and glass cabinets corners.


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