Target Is Now Selling Disney Princess Dinnerware

by Christina Marfice
Originally Published: 

These Disney dinnerware sets are the perfect way to subtly express your princess love at any fancy event

Calling all Disney princesses! If you’ve ever wanted to dine in princess style (without having to fight for a reservation at a fancy restaurant), Target has the perfect solution to making your home feel like the castle or palace you deserve.

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Our favorite store is selling Disney princess themed dinnerware sets, and they’re so subtly beautiful, they would look right at home at any event, from an at-home tea party to a wedding. Each 16-piece set is designed after a different classic princess, and the details are absolutely stunning. Move the wedding china — if anything deserves space in a display case, it’s these dishes.


Each set comes with four each of dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, and mugs. There’s a Cinderella set, a Jasmine set, an Ariel set, and, of course, a Belle set. They’re each decorated with perfect, tiny details that pay homage to each princess in the perfect way, and help us, we’re swooning.

Just look at the Cinderella set, with hints of the same baby blue Cinderella wore to the ball where she met her prince. The filigree around the edge of the dinner plates features tiny glass slippers. In the middle of the dessert plates is a clock tower striking midnight. And on the mugs, there’s the pumpkin carriage she rode in to the ball.


The Jasmine set is just as gorgeous, with hints of purple, and a design that features the Sultan’s palace, Aladdin’s lamp, and tiny lotus flowers as accents.


BRB while I buy myself the Ariel set right now, because it captures the essence of my favorite Disney princess so perfectly. With hint of a nautical seafoam green, it features King Triton’s castle on the dessert plates (with bubbles rising around it), and Ariel’s clamshell weaved into the delicate filigree designs on all the other pieces.


And finally, there’s the Belle set. The Beast’s castle is there, of course, but so is his enchanted rose under its glass cover, all on pieces that are the same pale yellow as the dress Belle wore to dance with him in the ballroom.


Each set retails for $98.99, so unfortunately, you might have to pick one or two sets rather than buy them all. But also, if you wanted to just buy them all, we wouldn’t judge. We want to buy them all. The fancy tea party possibilities are endless, and we know we’d be finding any other possible excuse to get these out and set the table like royalty is coming to dinner.

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