27 Best Thank You Gifts (Because You’re Thoughtful Like That)

by Emily Popp
thank you gifts

Finding the best thank you gifts is all about finding something that says, “You’re really awesome and I appreciate you.” When you want to show your gratitude for someone and a thank you card just doesn’t seem sufficient, give them a thank you present. And as cheesy as it sounds, that old saying is true: it’s the thought that counts. And especially these days when we’re still (sigh) experiencing a pandemic that keeps us from seeing our loved ones, sending a thank you gift to a faraway friend is all the more meaningful.

So we’ve rounded up the best appreciation gift ideas that work for everyone on your thank you list, whether it’s a coworker, a best friend, a second cousin, etc, etc. And we’ve got something for every kind of thank you gift: personalized presents, off-beat creative gifts, small under-$10 gifts, and more. And everything is so good you might just be tempted to buy an extra one for yourself, too.

Below, see our picks for the best thank you gifts that say, “You’re so thoughtful, and I am too because I got you this awesome present.”

Creative Thank You Gifts

Thank You Gifts For Women

Personalized Thank You Gifts

Small Thank You Gifts

Thank You Gifts For Him

Thank You Gifts For Coworkers