The Womanizer Review: Yes, It's Totally Worth The Hype

The Womanizer Toy Feels Like Oral Sex — But Better

February 22, 2021 Updated August 25, 2021

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Not sure whether or not to try the Womanizer? Here’s a totally unbiased review of the Womanizer Liberty (spoiler alert: it’s worth alllllll the hype). As a divorced woman, I’ve used a lot of vibrators in the past few years (and I write about my experiences too, like this review of The Satisfyer Pro — also worthy of a huge thumbs up). I’m not shy about it and believe masturbation is a form of self-love that needs to be normalized. I’ll all for being a part of this movement. So, naturally when I heard about the Womanizer Liberty I was anxious to see if the air technology it offers was really as pleasurable as my vagina hoped it would be.

It was.

If clitoral stimulation is your jam, the Womanizer Liberty needs to meet you on the corner of Between My Thighs and Part Those Lips. I’m all for doing as little work as possible, whenever possible, and this air technology they speak of literally does it all for you. And by all, I mean it will hit you and all the right places without you having to move a muscle once it’s in place.

I’m not ashamed to tell you after I got my new pearl-pleaser in place and found the right intensity level (I’m a three all the way), I climaxed in under two minutes. It was one of those moments in my life I wanted to last longer, but there was no way in hell I was going to disturb what was happening to my body. I went to another dimension and had no control over my hands so, there really was no way I could prolong the intense party that was happening under my sheets.

What can I say? I’m a glutton for a full-bodied orgasm.

This Lily Allen Special Edition is water proof and is small enough to take with you anywhere. It comes in vibrant colors and is made with body-safe materials so you can go to O Town over and over again. I’d also like to add if you have a special place in your vulva for oral sex, this Womanizer knows how to perform Cunnilingus like, well, no one that I know. You don’t even have to direct it or move your body to the right — it knows what to do.

This toy is multifunctional. It’s great for nipple stimulation so don’t be afraid to introduce it to your breasts. My recommendation is that you do that first to really get you juiced up because if you go right for the flower, you may never make it to your nipples and they will feel left out.

Or you could always purchase two (like I plan on doing) because I don’t want to favor one body part over another.

It can be used with another toy if you like penetration. It’s compact enough so you can have one love stick on the inside, and this priceless gem on the outside so a wild night (or morning, or afternoon) you will never forget.

One (very excited) reviewer said, “Absolutely worth every penny. My wife is at home while I’m on the road and she can climax is in under a minute with this wonderful toy. Don’t think, just buy it!”

I mean, how’s that for positivity. And he doesn’t even get to use it. Amazon has several different Womanizers you can try out, too, like the Womanizer Premium, which is shaped differently and has 12 intensity settings.

If you’re looking for the same sensations as what the Womanizer can provide but also like using rabbits, the Womanizer Duo Rabbit gives you the best of both worlds! As in, satisfaction for both your clit and G-spot. We really can have it all — at least, when it comes to masturbation.

And make no mistake, toys like this don’t have to be reserved for your hands only (unless that’s how you like it). It can really spice things up with your partner if you add a battery-operated friend into the mix. It doesn’t have to replace anyone and the wonderful job they do to you, yet it can add to the experience and make it a bit more interesting.

Here are some of my other favorite sex toys to try in the mix:

Adam and Eve Cliorial Sucking Toy

If vibrations, penetration, and the sucking are things you look for in a toy, the Adam and Eve Clitorial Sucking Toy is a perfect match. It’s under $30 and is slender and sturdy making it a great, discreet sex toy you can travel with.

$26.30 AT AMAZON

Rabbit Vibrator

Remember when Charlotte from Sex And The City, wouldn’t leave the house because she got her hands on a rabbit? Well, if you haven’t had a taste, you must get in one it. You can use the rabbit ears on this clit stick, or enjoy the vibrations while it’s inserted, or both.

$28.69 AT AMAZON

Finger Bullet

One of my all time favorite toys is this bullet that fits right on your finger. It’s the first vibrator I ever bought (back when I was afraid of them) and I keep going back to it. It fits on your finger perfectly and isn’t the least bit intimidating. It gives you total control, is easy to handle, and cleans up easily. I love how small it is and can for right in my purse for travel, or be tucked away in my nightstand drawer.

$20.59 AT AMAZON

Once you purchase a Womanizer, be sure to block off at least one full day to yourself. You’re not going to want to leave your bed.

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