These Adorable Toddler Ballet Shoes Will Keep Your Tot On Their Toes

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Toddler ballet shoes might be on your mind now that in-person dance classes are starting to open up again. With their first pair of ballet flats, a brand new world will open up for your child. Since many kids embrace dance as their first extracurricular, it’s a great way for your kiddo to explore their first *real* hobby, plus it’s a fantastic way to make new friends (maybe even their first best friend!). Going to ballet class will also expose your child to other forms of dance, not to mention, it can inspire more interests in art and creativity. So whether your little ballerina’s plié-ing and twirling is a one-season thing or a lifelong obsession, nurturing their early hobbies can spark other dreams down the road.

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Curious about where to find your first pair of child-sized ballet shoes? Oftentimes, the school you choose to attend will have good recommendations for beginners. But if they don’t, or if you’d like your toddler to practice a little at home first, here are some great choices.

Best Toddler Ballet Shoes

Best Toddler Ballet Pointe Shoes

Best Pink Ballet Shoes For Toddlers


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