10 Best Toddler Bucket Hats—Because Sun Protection Can Be Adorable

by Kate Antoniades
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toddler bucket hats
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Toddler bucket hats are essential for beach vacations, kiddie pool visits, backyard playtime, and other outdoor summer fun. The wide brim protects your toddler’s face and neck from the sun so that they can safely play with beach toys or water toys or just chill in a beach chair. (You’ll also hear less complaining about the sun being in their eyes. You’re welcome.) Don’t forget to slather on the kid-safe sunscreen, too!

While all kids sun hats are cute by default, the trendy bucket hat style has a place in our hearts. Any of the picks below will do the trick—at least until your kid pulls it off, and you put it back on, and they grab it off their head again. (You know the dance.) At least while they’re actually wearing the hat, they’ll be sun-safe and look adorable, too.

P.S. Got a water baby that’s infant-age? These baby bucket hats are perfect for even the littlest splashers!

Best Toddler Bucket Hats

Toddler Boy Bucket Hats


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