The Best Toy Tractors For Your Little Farmer

by Alesandra Dubin
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Toy tractors for kids are definitely in the category of a toy being more than a toy? When it’s a toy tractor that can actually help kids learn about where their food comes from and fun facts about how it gets to their table, the benefits of having one are endless. Sure, these kids’ tractor toys are made for play, but they’re also a setup for hands-on instruction on some basic principles about farming — and whole, nutritious foods.

We found toy tractors with all kinds of kid-pleasing features: remote-control operation, ride-on styles, multi-piece sets, lights and sounds… even one that doubles as a bubble machine. And our list of the best toy tractors for kids includes options for a range of price points — so you won’t have to bust your budget to reap the goods. Plus, if your kid already owns farm animal toys, this is the perfect addition.

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