38 Turtally Awesome Gift Ideas For Kids, Babies, And Grownups Who Are Obsessed With Turtles

by Megan Hungerford
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Impress the shell out of the sea turtle lovers in your life with turtle gift ideas that they will actually enjoy. Regardless if turtles are your personal jam or not, we guarantee you have a turtle lover in your life — and eventually you’ll need a sea turtle gift to fill this special someone’s heart. We know finding the right gifts for turtle lovers is no easy feat. But with our help, you can elevate those turtle gift ideas beyond the turtle trinkets of every vacation tourist shop. Cone on, don’t let your sea turtle gift live a sad existence in a junk closet. Spend your hard earned money wisely with these sure hit gifts for turtle lovers that are useful, meaningful, and most importantly adorable.

We get why turtles are loved far and wide. These ancient animals have been around for so long they are even distant relatives of dinosaurs (if you have a dinosaur loving little, you’ve likely heard of the Archelon — that extinct giant turtle-like marie dinosaur). Magnificent sea turtles fly through the waters with grace and ease, and fight for their lives after hatching on the beach to make it back to safe waters. Turtles are truly spectacular creatures — what other animal do you know that carries a bunker on their back in case of danger?

Plus there is incredible mythology around turtles. In Japan, the turtle is a symbol of good fortune and longevity. While the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is known as the Hanu who is a guardian spirit bestowing good luck. And for some Native American tribes, turtles symbolize the mother of the Earth. Turtles have powerful spiritual meanings in cultures across the globe, making them even more incredible!

Yes, what we are saying is turtles are adorable, majestic prehistoric creatures that have incredible symbolism. Why wouldn’t you indulge a turtle lover’s passion with a sea turtle gift? You could take it a step further and choose a turtle gift idea that resonates with whatever their life is facing right now, the meaning behind gifts can sometimes be more powerful than the gift itself. Show just how much you care with a sincere and practical gift for your turtle lover.

Best turtle gift ideas for kids:

Best turtle gift ideas for toddlers and babies:

Best turtle gift ideas:

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