11 Home Office Essentials That Make Telecommuting More Organized & Efficient— Even If You're Working From The Bedroom

by Ana Connery
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The right home office essentials are necessary for a productive and comfortable workday at home. These days, your workspace is probably looking like a total sh*t show. Just like the kitchen and bathroom, which can pretty much use as much organization as possible, your home office is an easy target for disarray. Making it function with the best home office essentials, especially with husbands, pets, and noisy kids all around right now, is the ticket to making any work from home situation not only bearable but a whole lot more functional.

Among your work from home essentials, you’ve got the wi-fi, a desk of sorts, a kitchen chair, copious amounts of caffeine, and a lock on the door (we hope!). But why stop there? As far as we’re concerned, when your home office looks as good as it is efficient, you’re waaaay more likely to feel creative, inspired, and motivated to get sh@# done, even when nosy kids come poking around in the middle of a power work sesh.

Check out our home office essentials list to make working from home a lot easier — plus they make your new office space look good, too. Now if there’s any way to buy some peace and quiet … we’re still working on that!

Best Home Office Desk Essentials

Best Home Office Furniture

More Work From Home Must-Haves

The next time you’re ready to log off a few minutes ahead of schedule, check out our mom-approved home and kitchen essentials. Or maybe it’s time we go Marie Kondo style and just clean up all of our sh*t.


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