How To Buy (Or Make) Your 'Squid Game' Halloween Costume

by Madison Vanderberg

Costumes inspired by Squid Game on Netflix are here in time for Halloween 2021

If you haven’t watched Squid Game on Netflix yet, consider yourself in a rare category of humans. The dystopian and hyperviolent Korean drama is sweeping the internet right now and despite the fact that it’s a dark show about the violent and desperate lengths that people will go to get out of debt, it turns out that it’s inspiring a lot of Halloween costumes this year because nothing says “Spooky!” quite like the horrors of capitalism!

Squid Game is a Korean thriller series about debt-addled contestants who try to win children’s games for money or die trying.

If you wanna dress like your favorite desperate TV heroes (or the faceless guards who punish them), you can do so this Halloween! How fun! How dark!

The Players

In the show, contestants in the bloody games (referred to as “The Players”) wear these iconic green jumpsuits, emblazoned only with a number to identify themselves. Luckily for you, several retailers are making perfect replicas for your Halloween delights.



UHoodie has six different suits, each with a different jacket “number” representing one of the lead characters on the show. The full suit set will only set you back $49.99.


Younghoodie also sells a similar suit set with a matching white tee for $49.99 as well.


The Guards

Okay so what if you want to dress like one of the ominous, faceless, guards that manage the game and dole out the punishments and go for a more frightening Halloween ~lewk~?



Well, you can buy the full fuchsia zip-up set — complete with the creepy mesh mask — at Inswear for only $33.99.


The Doll

Now, does the idea of dressing like a menacing guard or a frightened player seem too triggering? Then how about going as the giant, freaky, animatronic doll!


Walmart has you covered with this yellow shirt and orange dress combo for $36.94. Flesh out the costume with white knee socks, black flats, and some pigtails and you’ll have everyone you encounter running for cover for the entire night!


The Front Man

Finally, if you’ve already got a black trenchcoat, you can pair it with this creepy geometric mask and go as the mysterious figure (aka the “Front Man”) who lords over the entirety of the Squid Games.


Get the mask for only $9.99 on Amazon.


Of course, you can always just DIY as evidenced by these crafty TikTokkers:




Squid Game was perfectly timed to go viral right before Halloween and tbh, if you ditch your usual cat ears and/or witch costume and pull out this dystopian nightmare look, you’ll be the trendiest and freakiest adult on the block.